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Current market trends show that more professionals are looking to upgrade their dictation equipment.

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Why You Should Become a Olympus Reseller

Professional dictation is the ultimate way for industry professionals to save valuable time typing out notes, documents and filling out forms. For industries like healthcare, legal and law enforcement, where copious note taking and documentation is required, this is a game changer.

There are many advantages to using Olympus® Professional dictation and transcription products. And there are many perks if you are considering becoming an Olympus reseller and selling Olympus dictation equipment on a large scale. Becoming an Olympus reseller saves you time and money. Help with marketing, technical support, and the full power of a successful team behind you means you’re guaranteed to be set up for success.

Olympus Professional dictation products are more durable and secure than consumer dictation products. For busy professionals constantly using their voice recorders, a professional dictation solution is the way to go. It can handle more wear and tear and you’ll never have to worry about your files being secure. Easily send files in a variety of formats and look forward to a simplified, more intuitive workflow.

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What is Olympus Dictation?

Olympus dictation products can make your entire workflow easier and save you time throughout the day. For doctors who spend copious amounts of time on administrative tasks, Olympus dictation and transcription products allow them to put some of the focus back onto their patients.

Without a professional recording device, it takes about four hours to transcribe one-hour of audio. Olympus Digital Recorders can save ample amounts of time. They provide superior sound, convenient file management and extended recording time. With the help of an Olympus reseller, your entire practice can realize the benefits and perks of Olympus dictation products

Many models can quickly transfer audio files to a computer via a USB cable, PC connection or removable media. Combine the power of Olympus Digital recorders with transcription devices for a complete solution that integrates into any workflow.

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How Do I Use ODMS Transcription?

The Olympus Dictation Management Solution platform provides real-time dictation file sharing for Wi-Fi-enabled Olympus devices. This incorporates file routing and 256-bit encryption, so you know your audio files are safe, secure, and protected.

Olympus Digital Media Solutions also works with Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition so you can transcribe your dictation files automatically with back-end speech recognition.

What are the benefits of the Olympus Dictation Management Solution?

  • Instant 256-bit encryption means only authorized listeners are allowed to access your audio files. The customizable backup tool protects all your data so you can have peace of mind.
  • Dictation files can automatically be sent to a network server, email, or FTP. It must be connected to Wi-Fi, LAN, or a USB cable.
  • It’s ideal for both large and small offices.

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Olympus Digital Voice Recorders for Olympus Healthcare

Medical professionals need a digital voice recorder that’s easy-to-use throughout the day. When they’re busy and on-the-go, they’ll need something like the Olympus DS-9500. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and it’s designed to make taking notes and filling out documents and forms easier.

Olympus for Healthcare 

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders for Olympus Legal

Legal professionals must take copious notes and handle a large amount of daily documentation. Olympus voice recorders offer solutions for small, medium, and large-sized law firms, corporate legal departments, courts, and a variety of different types of lawyers. Olympus speech recognition products can help lessen your workflow, save you time and maximize your profits and bottom-line.

Olympus for Legal 

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders for Olympus Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals need to fill out incident reports and other documents daily. That can be problematic if they’re frequently on-the-go or in their patrol car. With Olympus digital voice recorders, law enforcement professionals can dictate their reports from anywhere. Olympus digital voice recorders offer crystal-clear audio, so you’ll never miss anything, even if there’s background or ambient noise.

Olympus for Law Enforcement 

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders for Olympus Business

Professionals are busier than ever and it’s important to find easy solutions to help save time and increase their workflows. That’s where Olympus speech recognition products come in. Olympus digital dictation recorders can help automate and share information, save time, and help you focus on other things. You’ll soon be able to make detailed reports and records without increased overhead in no time.

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5 Reasons to Join the Olympus Reseller Program

We’re always looking to add to our eDist reseller family. If you’re interested in becoming an Olympus reseller, let us know. We are the industry-leader in speech recognition software resellers, and we make sure to set you up for success. eDist provides training, help with marketing and we’ll be here for you every step of the way. Watch your profits, customer base and recurring revenue soar.

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How Do I Use My Olympus Digital Voice Recorder?

The great thing about becoming an Olympus reseller is that Olympus digital voice recorders are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Large, small, and solo businesses will love the time-saving benefits of Olympus Dictation Management Solutions. Olympus resellers will enjoy the increase in sales, customers, and recurring revenue.

Here are steps to how to use the Olympus digital voice recorder:

  1. To turn on the recorder, move the “hold” switch from “up” to “down.” It’s located on the left-hand side of the recorder.
  2. To make a recording, press the red dot.
  3. To pause the recording, you’ll also want to press the button with the red dot.
  4. To resume the recording, press the red dot again.
  5. To stop the recording, press the “stop” button, which is the middle button on the right-hand side of the recorder.
  6. Pressing the “stop” button allows the recording to be saved on a device as a file.
  7. To shuffle through your recordings, press the left and right arrows on the directional pad.
  8. To listen to a recording, press the “menu/ok” button on the front of the recorder in the middle of the directional pad.
  9. To erase a recording, make sure the one you’ve selected is in fact the recording you want to delete. Listen to it to be sure. Press the “erase” button with an orange dot on it, on the front of the recorder. On the directional pad, press the “+” button and highlight the word “erase.” Next, press the “menu/ok” button to confirm that the file should be deleted.