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Current market trends show that more professionals are looking to upgrade their dictation equipment.

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Why You Should Become a Olympus Reseller

With Olympus' high-grade professional dictation solutions, clients are provided with hassle-free dictation solutions.

It has never been easier to make your words work for you thanks to Olympus dictation technology. More than likely the industry you market to has professional clients who either want, need or are looking to upgrade to a professional voice solution.

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Olympus For Healthcare

As a reseller of Olympus Dictation Products, you can streamline the workflow for medical practices of all sizes.

Olympus' dictation and transcription workflow tools streamline the transcription process as well, integrating directly with any facility's workflow and leading speech recognition software. The result is improved record- keeping, efficiency, and care without significantly increased overhead. This provides medical practitioners with a secure, reliable, and flexible way to spend more time with their patients, and less time stuck at their desktop typing reports.

Olympus for Healthcare 

Olympus For Business

Offer your customer the Olympus Pro Dictation solution that provides unparalleled efficiency and easy of use in their work environment.

With Olympus Professional Dictation Systems or digital voice recorders, professionals are free to fully express their thoughts and create detailed records. From security to streamlined workflows, Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are the ideal solution for information sharing within a corporate environment.

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Olympus For Law Enforcement

For law enforcement officials, stakes are high and time is precious. Interviewing victims, suspects and witnesses is a complex process and accuracy is of utmost importance.

Olympus Pro Dictation Systems and digital voice recorders offer unparalleled audio quality, enhanced security features and trouble-frees integration with existing software.

Engineered to keep critical recordings safe and private, Olympus Pro Dictation voice recorders offer 256-bit file encryption, four-digit PIN locking, and other advanced security features. This allows you to offer the best in digital recording to those who protect and serve your community.

Olympus for Law Enforcement 

Olympus for Legal Clients 

Why Buy Olympus Professional Products from eDist?

With over 41 years of experience and success serving value added resellers, eDist has perfected its system to assist in pre-sales and after sales support.

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