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For law enforcement officials, stakes are high and time is precious.

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Offer your law enforcement clients the incredibly efficient end-to-end solutions available from Olympus

With law enforcement dictation software from Olympus, police officers and detectives can be more productive out on patrol, at the scene and in the courtroom. The complete solution for law enforcement agencies of any size means professionals can save time on the field with voice-to-text and complete more detailed and accurate reports faster than ever.

Law enforcement dictation software from Olympus can easily be integrated into the workflow of any agency and streamline data sharing and dictation distribution between investigators and witnesses. Law enforcement dictation software from Olympus and its line of digital voice recorders offer unparalleled audio quality, enhanced security features, and trouble-free integration with existing speech-to-text software.

Keep reading to learn more about law enforcement dictation software from Olympus and how Olympus dictation recorders and dictation equipment can streamline the entire department’s workflow to help law enforcement agencies save valuable time filling out reports and paperwork. Officers and detectives will have more time to focus on other things and the care and focus on protecting the community will be amplified and stronger than ever.

Is Dictation Faster Than Typing?

Dictation is three times faster than typing and it’s also 99% accurate. These two things together make law enforcement dictation a viable option for police departments who spend a lot of time filling out reports.

This is especially significant since traffic, crime and arrest reports, for example, can be essential to ongoing investigations and police officers can spend large chunks of time managing these cases and gathering information.

Law enforcement dictation software solutions from Olympus gives professionals the option to create incident reports in a new way. This not only saves time, it allows law enforcement professionals to create a detailed incident report while details are still fresh in their minds.

Officers can begin dictating at the scene into the Records Management System (RMS), on the way to their next case, or wherever it’s convenient for them to do so. Law enforcement dictation software from Olympus is not only easier to use, it gives law enforcement professionals the type of convenience they’ve always wanted. Olympus dictation software also eliminates a step in an officers’ workflows by allowing law enforcement professionals to instantly send the audio file to their transcriptionist so they can start typing up the document as soon as possible.

The Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) also provides an easy-to-use interface with Nuance® Dragon® speech recognition software to transcribe your dictation files automatically with back-end speech recognition.

How Much Faster Do You Talk Than Type?

The average individual can type about 35 to 40 words in a minute compared to the average person who can speak 100 to 130 words a minute.

Dictating a report from the scene allows you to include more detail in your reporting since it’s still fresh in your mind and you’re not waiting hours until you’re back at the station to do the report. You also won’t have to try to recall details from hours ago or decipher handwritten notes. Simply speak to create a detailed incident report. It’s safer, more efficient, and more convenient.

Doing it in real time means more comprehensive reporting. This not only helps your cases, but it can also help in a court of law if a report ever gets brought up for a trial. This is because the details captured from a voice-to-text-generated incident report tend to be more detailed and comprehensive.

Why Should a Police Officer Use Dictation?

Police officers and detectives know all too well how many reports they must create in a month or even a week. This number can add up quickly.

Dictating reports using Olympus professional dictation devices means creating incident reports 3 times faster, but it also creates even more detailed and accurate reports. If a case gets brought to trial, it’s always good to have more details.

By using voice to dictate a report, officers also won’t have to wait to get back to the station where they have access to a computer, or if they have one with them already, they won’t have to wait until they have time to type up the report. They also won’t have to remember to send the dictation file to their transcriptionist.

This means details are fresh in their minds and they can dictate with ease. For example, speak into your Olympus voice recorder in the patrol car on the way to the next call. Then you can use speech-to-text software to transcribe. This not only saves time and lets police officers and detectives focus on other things throughout the workday, but it also decreases the stress of creating reports and gives law enforcement professionals more peace of mind.

Can Police Use Voice Recognition?

Any profession can use voice recognition and it’s especially helpful for law enforcement professionals.

Police officers and detectives are often interviewing multiple witnesses and listening to their own unique perspectives. With so many cases throughout the day, this can quickly lead to information overload. Taking some notes can be helpful, but it’s impossible to remember everything. Law enforcement dictation software from Olympus offers solutions. There is nothing more productive and proficient than dictating the report in real time.

Voice recognition can be used to open a report template in the Records Management System (RMS). Officers can navigate between fields and dictate the report from there. Do all of this at the scene three times faster than you did before.

Dictating is also safer. Instead of sitting in the police car focused on typing something into a laptop, officers can talk into their recording device and still have eyes on what’s happening around them.

Olympus Dictation and Transcription Software

Law enforcement dictation software from Olympus is your end-to-end solution. Here are some reasons why Olympus dictation solutions are ideal for law enforcement:

  • 256-bit file encryption
  • Advanced security features such as four-digit pin locking
  • White-Label technical support from eDist
  • Microphones that can suppress background noise
  • Instant file sharing with a transcriptionist if the device is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Intuitive controls on the recorder

For dictation and transcription to work together, only Olympus transcription products are guaranteed to work with Olympus dictation products.


DS-9500 Digital Recorder

The DS-9500 Digital Recorder is one of Olympus’ most powerful digital recorders. It features intelligent dual microphones for crystal clear audio and a superior noise cancelling system. Its body is shockproof and designed to last. It’s also incredibly secure with 256-bit file encryption, and it can instantly send audio files to a computer, email address or via FTP.

  • Wi-Fi capabilities allow users to send dictations when out of the office, saving time and increasing workflow efficiency.
  • Shockproof body is damage-resistant up to a 1.5-meter (4.9-foot) drop.
  • Advanced security features, including 256-bit AES file encryption, 4-digital PIN locking.

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Olympus ODMS

ODMS Release 7 Dictation & Transcription Software

This is the glue that holds your Olympus dictation and transcription workflow together. Its enhanced user experience can drive automation in on-site and off-site environments. It also features a seamless interface with Nuance® Dragon® speech recognition software. Users love the customizable backup feature and its quick and easy installation and configuration.

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Olympus AS-9000

AS-9000 Transcription Kit

The AS-9000 Transcription Kit is a game changer for transcription professionals. It boasts a four-button foot control panel, headset and ODMS Release 7 Dictation & Transcription Software. The AS-9000 is also able to play back encrypted files from Olympus Professional Dictation devices, and this cannot be done on third party transcription programs.

  • Superior workflow management, the AS-9000 can prioritize settings and notifications for urgent recordings.
  • Instant 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro-Format secures your dictation and ensures that only authorized listeners can access it.
  • Customizable backup features enables secure storage of your files.
  • Efficiently route files via network server, email, or FTP.

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Olympus Dictation App

Olympus Dictation App With ODDS

This app works with iPhone and Android devices. It allows law enforcement professionals to create dictations from anywhere. With a subscription to the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service, you’ll be able to send the recording directly to a transcriptionist, voice recognition software or to any other secure location.

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Why Buy Olympus Professional Products from eDist?

Give your law enforcement clients the ability to achieve exceptional records and create efficiencies in the courtroom or out on patrol with complete, end-to-end law enforcement dictation software from Olympus.

Law enforcement dictation solutions from Olympus can help streamline the workflow for agencies of all sizes, help reduce stress and administrative tasks, focus more on protecting the community, and get some of their time back during the workday.

When you partner with eDist, you’ll have the power and strength of industry leaders behind you along with full support from the eDist team. We provide training, help with marketing and we also provide White Label technical support. We do all of this because we want you to be successful. Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to start becoming an Olympus reseller today.

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