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Law Enforcement Dictation Software from Philips


The task that takes up the most time in the workdays of law enforcement professionals is creating incident reports. With law enforcement dictation software from Philips, that’s now a thing of the past. Philips dictation solutions can help law enforcement professionals save time, do more and save money on transcription costs.

Law enforcement dictation software from Philips can:

  • Reduce transcription service costs
  • Make the document creation process easier
  • Help law enforcement professionals create detailed and accurate incident reports three times faster
  • Help Value-Added Resellers (VARs) see recurring revenue and expand their customer base
  • Help law enforcement professionals be more productive throughout the day and spend more time focusing on other things like patrolling the community

Keep reading to learn how law enforcement software from Philips can streamline your workflow and help you be more efficient than ever before.

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Advantages of Police Using Voice Recognition

There are countless advantages to using speech recognition software in law enforcement. Police officers and law enforcement professionals can use voice recognition software to make their jobs easier and safer.

By using speech recognition software and saving time creating incident reports, they can also focus more on protecting the community. Using law enforcement dictation software from Philips is easy. Professionals can simply speak into a recorder and dictate their incident report. Software such as Philips SpeechLive® can transcribe the dictation in real-time.

Philips Dictation for Law Enforcement

Why Should a Police Officer Use Dictation?

One of the main reasons why a police officer should use dictation is because they can create a detailed incident report up to three times faster than typing up the report into the agency’s Record Management System (RMS).

This is important because accurate and detailed police reports are critical in court proceedings whether it’s for a traffic incident, petty theft, or a more serious crime. Since law enforcement dictation software from Philips is efficient and accurate, police officers and detectives will have very minimal corrections to make at the end.

Since police officers spend up to three hours each workday creating these reports, it will free them up to do other things like patrol neighborhoods, take more calls, testify in court, and more.

It also means police officers won’t have to decipher quickly written handwritten notes or remember details from hours ago. Law enforcement professionals will be able to take back control of their time like never before.

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Which is the Best Speech-to-Text Software?

When it comes to law enforcement dictation software, Philips has the complete package. From custom-made workflows, instant speech-to-text and integrated speech recognition for document creation, Philips is the best choice for law enforcement professionals.

The cloud dictation solution makes it easier to organize documents. The whole department will save a significant amount of time since productivity and efficiency is paramount to law enforcement officers. Philips digital dictation has unbeatable audio quality and allows professionals to create all types of documents with unprecedented speed.

By using Philips dictation recorders and Philips SpeechLive®, police officers can dictate their reports and other documents from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Dictating reports is also safer for law enforcement professionals since they won’t be looking down at a computer and not able to fully see everything what’s going on around them.

Speak. Send. Done

Philips SpeechLive Law Enforcement Dictation Software

Philips SpeechLive® is the ultimate way to streamline incident reporting and the document creation process. Besides helping to streamline your workflow, SpeechLive® is also easy to use and set up.

How does Philips SpeechLive® Work?

  • Dictate audio into the Philips PocketMemo, SpeechMike or Philips dictation recorder application for smartphones
  • Then you can securely transfer the files using 256-bit file encryption to the SpeechLive cloud storage
  • These recordings will be there instantly for the transcriptionist to transcribe or with the Voice Tracer Speech Recognition Software, files can be transcribed instantly

What is the Best Voice Recorder for Police?

Philips offers some high-level voice recorders and dictation microphones that are some of the best in the industry. Philips is known for making crystal-clear audio recorders that can reduce background noise, and that are ergonomic for efficient use in the office or out in the field.

Philips PocketMemo

The PocketMemo has 3D mic technology so law enforcement professionals can look forward to crystal-clear audio and reduced background noise every time. Users love its extended battery life, automatic microphone selection and one-handed handling with the Pocket Memo’s ergonomic slide switch.


Philips SpeechMike Premium

Experience best-in-class recording with the Philips SpeechMike Premium. Users love that it’s cordless and that they don’t have the constraints of a cable. You can configure its keys to align with your personalized workflow and you can also optimize the control panel.


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Dictation recorders and law enforcement dictation software from Philips can help increase any type of law enforcement office’s efficiency and help law enforcement professionals create incident reports much faster. Spending most of the shift creating incident reports is a thing of the past.

eDist is the exclusive reseller in North America for speech recognition software solutions, and we can assist you with finding the law enforcement dictation software that works best for you.

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