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Resale Sales Tax Exemption

Updated: February 23, 2021

We are registered in all applicable states and tax jurisdictions in the USA to collect sales tax. Therefore, to prevent unnecessarily charging you tax on your exempt orders we are required by law to collect the appropriate Resale Sales Tax exemption forms. There are basically 2 approaches that states take to resale and exemption certificates : Accept only resale and exemption certificates for the state(s) in which you are registered (i.e., only the state’s exemption certificates), and accept resale and exemption certificates for your home state.

In all cases the forms must be made out to:

A. I. Smarter World, Inc. 3860 Via Del Rey, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Resellers for whom we dropship outside your home state(s)

There are 2 organizations that are trying to unify the policies regarding drop shipping and sales tax exemption or collection, The Multistate Tax Commission (the "MTC" - website) and the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, Inc. (the "SST" - website). Each have a long list of states that they are trying to coordinate with to have a uniform message and policies. For simplicity, we suggest filling out both forms with your applicable numbers in all states listed on those 2 forms.

Resellers for whom we dropship in certain states

In addition, even though these states may be listed on the SST or MTC forms, these states require their own forms and/or registration or we will be required to charge applicable sales tax:

Resellers for whom we ship product to New York

Resellers for whom we ship product to New York must fill out this form: CLICK HERE. PLEASE NOTE: If you are registered in New York, please fill out Part 1. If you are not registered in New York, please fill out Part 2.

Resellers who are registered in the below states.

For Resellers who reside in, or are registered in, any of the below states, please complete the appropriate states resale form:

Exempt Organizations

Since sales tax exempt organizations use these forms on a regular basis, they should have their appropriate state or federal form on file. Even though you made the sale, if we do not have your resale certificate on file for that state, we must have exemption form made out to us if we are drop shipping to them for audit purposes.


We will try to monitor this semiannually and provide updates, but you are responsible for your own tax situation. Due to the ever-changing landscape of taxation, this information may change with or without notice. Also, under state laws, you may be creating nexus issues on your own and should keep abreast of tax laws and discuss with your tax professional before taking actions as we are not providing tax or legal advice with these policies.