Medical Speech-to-Text for Dragon Medical One Resellers

Medical Speech Recognition

Dragon® Medical One is the only documentation solution clinicians need, and it's one you can provide.

Medical Speech-to-Text for Nuance Dragon Medical One Resellers

Help boost clinician productivity and efficiency by offering Dragon® Medical One to your medical clients.

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is a secure, cloud‑based speech recognition solution physicians can use to securely document patient care in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The patient story should be dictated by clinicians, not technological limitations. Dragon Medical One resellers can help empower physicians to save time, focus more on their patients, streamline their workflows, save on transcription costs, and more.

Nuance Speech Recognition for Healthcare

Dragon Medical One is portable, flexible, secure and 99% accurate. It can boost medical staff efficiency by up to 45% for producing documents from any location. Whether you’re selling the software to a large corporation or small medical practice, it’s best to work with a certified Dragon Medical One reseller. When Value-Added Resellers (VARs) work with a Value-Added Distributor (VAD), they have access to a variety of perks that a normal distributor would not have access to. These include white label support, a recurring revenue model, industry knowledge, and more.

Designed for the fast-paced, multifaceted healthcare environment, Dragon® Medical One is the healthcare industry's leading speech-recognition, cloud-based software for capturing the patient story.

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Dragon® Medical One Reseller Benefits:

Earn Recurring Revenue.

With the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Dragon Medical One resellers have the potential to earn unlimited recurring revenue on the subscription-based software download.

'One Click' Installation.

Since it’s cloud-based and requires very little resources, this only takes a few minutes. Clients will like how easy it is to use and implement and this will help sell more subscriptions and increase resellers’ customer base.

Secure and compliant.

The clinical speech-to-text software supports HIPAA requirements for patient security and confidentiality by employing secure encryption methods throughout the clinical documentation workflow. Our cloud solutions feature 99.5% uptime and run on geographically dispersed data centers hosted on Microsoft Azure servers. This helps resellers increase their sales to medical clients, since it’s vital that sensitive patient information be secured.

Easy to install and maintain.

There aren't any complex configurations. Clinicians can begin dictating in less than five minutes using existing infrastructure. Automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff and less hassle for your clinicians. If you run into an issue, our white label support team will be able to help so you can continue to focus on selling.

Budget friendly.

The affordable subscription‑based pricing with little upfront capital investment and predictable expenses makes it easier for healthcare organizations to plan budgets.

Recurring Revenue Model for Resellers

Dragon Medical One speech-to-text is a subscription-based product and resellers generate recurring revenue throughout the life of the contract—rather than a lump sum.

Each new subscription includes an "implementation fee" to be paid by the end-user at the time of purchase. With this reselling business model, you realize both short-term and long-term revenue with each new customer.

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Becoming a Dragon Medical One Reseller

We have a limited number of spots in our exclusive Dragon Medical One reseller program. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Some of the advantages of working with a wholesale distributor include:

  • Unlimited access to product and industry experts
  • Training and certifications
  • Marketing support
  • Exclusive product offerings
  • White label support
  • Recurring revenue model
  • A growing customer base
  • Lower go-to-market cost

If you’re interested in joining our exclusive reseller program, let us know. You’ll have the full power of the eDist team behind you and the resources you need to succeed.

eDist’s exclusive e-commerce platform can be licensed to help channel partners and resellers take advantage of the recurring revenue model, grow their customer base and reduce the risks and costs of operating an e-commerce operation, so they can focus on selling to their clients in the medical sector.

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