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Legal Dictation Software from Philips


Legal professionals are known to take copious notes, fill out a variety of documents and send frequent emails, but what if there was a way to do all of that in less time? Legal dictation software from Philips can accomplish that, and much more. Speech recognition software is 99% accurate, can help legal professionals do more with less time and overall help them save money and be more efficient and productive.

Legal dictation software from Philips can:

  • Increase billable hours
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Reduce transcription service costs
  • Make the document creation process much easier
  • Make sending emails and filling out forms a lot easier and less time consuming
  • Help legal professionals spend more time with their clients
  • Help Value-Added Resellers (VARs) see recurring revenue and expand their customer base
  • Reduce the amount of time legal professionals spend on notes and legal documentation on weekends and after normal working hours
  • Help legal professionals be more productive throughout the day

Keep reading to learn more about legal dictation software from Philips and how it can help law firms of all sizes, courts and corporate legal departments be more efficient and get more done. Dictation and transcription has never been easier.

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What is Legal Dictation?

Lawyers and legal professionals must take copious notes and fill out a lot of forms and documents during their workday and these tasks can often add up, leading paralegals to work long hours and work on weekends.

With legal dictation and a digital dictation system for lawyers, these professionals can get some of their time back and increase their billable hours. It’s a perfect match. Philips legal dictation software and digital dictation equipment for lawyers can make a world of difference. You’ll be able to dictate your notes and transcribe them almost instantly.

Philips Dictation for Law Enforcement

But what is legal dictation? This is the process of speaking into a recorder or to another person. The person will write down what you’re saying or the voice recorder will capture your audio and store it on a recording device.

You can either playback the recording and type up your notes, have a transcriptionist do that for you or use legal dictation software from Philips to make the process easier and have your transcribed notes be sent to you electronically.

Why Do Lawyers Dictate?

Lawyers dictate to save time and money. Dictation technology has come a long way in the past few decades and speech recognition technology is more advanced and user-friendly than ever before.

Say goodbye to keeping track of cassette tapes and having to wait for a transcriptionist to transcribe your files. Dictaphones have been replaced with high-level recorders that can capture crystal-clear audio and reduce background noise every time.

Cloud-based speech solutions enable lawyers to securely send their audio files with 256-bit encryption, so they’ll never have to think twice about security.

Dictating not only helps legal professionals get some of their time back, but it also helps streamline their workflow and make them more efficient.

Lawyers can dictate notes and documents three times faster than they can type them. What would you be able to do if you could save two to three hours at work each day?

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What are the Main Features of Dictation Software from Philips?

Legal dictation software from Philips is designed to turn speech into text and make the process easy and reliable to improve the day-to-day of busy legal professionals.

Philips dictation solutions are designed to work for all sizes and types of legal practices, courts and legal departments.

Main features of Legal dictation software and voice recorders from Philips:

  • A slide switch for an easy workflow
  • Ergonomic design to make dictating comfortable
  • Integrated barcode scanner to link data to a recording
  • Real-time file encryption and a PIN lock
  • Automatically forward dictations to a transcriptionist or push them to a speech recognition software like Philips SpeechLive®
Philips for Legal

What Should I Look for in a Digital Recorder?

Dictation starts with a quality dictation device. Here are some things to look for when you’re picking out your next recording device:

  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Whether it’s ergonomically designed and easy to use
  • How easy it is to share files
  • How long the device lasts before running out of battery
  • How much storage space it has
  • Does it have software like Philips SpeechLive® to make it easier to instantly transcribe your audio files?

These are the 3 best legal dictation solutions from Philips:

  • PocketMemo Voice Recorder
  • SpeechMike Premium
  • SpeechLive® Cloud Dictation Solution

PocketMemo Voice Recorder

The Philips PocketMemo is known for its superior audio quality and 3D mic technology.

When it’s paired with Philips’ SpeechExec Pro software, you’ll see efficient data management and a docking station that lets you easily upload your files. It has a long battery life and users love the built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection and the ease of the ergonomic slide switch for one-handed operation.

The Pocket Memo operates like a modern recorder and the optional classic mode gives users the nostalgic analog option they may be looking for.

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SpeechMike Premium

Like the PocketMemo, the Philips SpeechMike Premium is also known for its crystal-clear audio.

The decoupled studio-quality microphone and mic grille, and other features, are built-in to make sure the audio is free of background noise and other distractions.

The SpeechMike Premium features a built-in noise reduction filter and a motion sensor that gives users clear speech recordings and accurate speech recognition results.

With the new touch sensor, navigation will be a breeze and save users time. It also has a hygienic body and it’s ergonomically shaped so it fits perfectly in your hand, helping to make sure it feels comfortable while you’re dictating.

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Speak. Send. Done

SpeechLive® Cloud Dictation Solution

Philips SpeechLive® enables users to record their audio directly into a web browser and upload their recordings. Text can be automatically converted with the SpeechLive® software.

SpeechLive® can help legal professionals get their work done faster, save time and if they’re using a transcriptionist, it can automatically send audio files to them, taking out a step in the lawyer’s workflow because they won’t have to remember to send the transcriptionist the audio file.

Users can record on-the-go with the SpeechLive® smartphone app. You can upload audio recordings from a smartphone or handheld recorder. There is also a priority setting that lets users move urgent recordings up in the queue.

SpeechLive®, the PocketMemo and the SpeechMike Premium all feature 256-bit file encryption so users can rest easy knowing that their files are secure. You can also use SpeechLive® from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Dictation recorders and legal dictation software from Philips are the speech recognition solutions lawyers and law offices are looking for

It’s easy to set up and get up and running, legal professionals can streamline their workflow, increase their billable hours, create documents faster, save on transcription costs, and be more productive throughout the day.

eDist is the exclusive reseller in North America for speech recognition solutions, and we can help you find the legal dictation software that works best for your practice.

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