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Why You Should Become a Nuance® Reseller

Nuance® is the industry leader in speech recognition software and dictation technology, and they are able to provide numerous solutions in a continued effort to expedite workflow and increase productivity across a broad spectrum of professions, including legal, healthcare, insurance, public service and safety, and corporate sales.

When you become a Nuance reseller, you expand into new markets and reach new customers while also capitalizing on your current client base. By establishing new lines of profit, you have the opportunity to grow your business and make even more money. When you sell Nuance technology to your clients, you give your clients the ability to improve their productivity and efficiency, which means a stronger relationship with you.


Expand into new markets and reach new customers.


Establish new lines of profit and grow your business.


Improve your clients' productivity and build stronger relationships.


Partner with a distributor that is committed to your success.

Nuance Speech Recognition for Healthcare

Medical Speech Recognition

Voice recognition software is helping professionals in a wide range of fields, especially the healthcare field.

Physicians, clinicians, researchers, pharmacists, and administrators alike are all seeing results from using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One. They are experiencing increased productivity and a greater ROI than ever before because of the innovative speech solutions offered by Nuance. Supplying Nuance® Healthcare speech solutions can help drive business profitability while helping you establish, maintain, or improve your market position for providers of software and services to health systems, clinics, and practices.

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Nuance Speech Recognition for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement & Public Safety Speech Recognition

Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere for Law Enforcement is making communities safer by enabling law enforcement professionals to create detailed incident reports in minutes.

The demand for quality, timely, and standardized incident reporting is steadily increasing, with over 77% of law enforcement professionals saying they would be interested in new technology to help with their incident reporting process*. As a reseller of Dragon Law Enforcement, you can provide police and public safety officers across the country with the solution they need.

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Nuance Speech Recognition for Legal Professionals

Legal Speech Recognition

Speech recognition for lawyers is quickly taking the industry by storm. Legal professionals have evolved from analog tapes for a more organized and streamlined digital workflow using speech recognition software from Nuance® Communications.

Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere is designed for all types of legal professionals and Nuance Dragon legal reseller’s clients can benefit by saving time, money, increasing their billable hours, and more. Empower your attorneys to take back their time now.

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Nuance Speech Recognition for Social Workers

Speech Recognition for Social Workers

Speech recognition for social workers is helping social workers be quicker, better and work more efficiently. Speech recognition software from Nuance® can help reduce how long it traditionally takes to complete case-related paperwork, leading to increased job satisfaction and more time spent with clients, children and families.

Managed Service Providers and VARS interested in offering speech recognition for social workers on a larger scale can benefit from working with a distributor. A wholesale distributor offers certain benefits that can help grow your customer base and help you realize recurring revenue.

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Nuance Speech Recognition for Business Professionals

Business Speech Recognition

Business professionals can make every second count with Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere. The Nuance® speech recognition software makes tasks like writing emails, scheduling meetings, or updating reports faster than ever. You can provide your clients the ability to save up to 1/3 of their day by creating voice command shortcuts and adding a customized vocabulary, making you the office hero.

New and existing resellers can expand into new markets and reach new customers, as the opportunities are limitless. Nuance offers speech recognition software that can be applied to many professions, specifically the medical profession and its many specialized fields. Professionals who want to increase efficiency, streamline their workflow, and increase productivity turn to Nuance software, the trusted source for speech recognition solutions. Now is the time for you to offer the full range of Nuance products.

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We are fully committed to the success of our resellers and will provide you with the necessary resources and support in order for you to thrive and grow in the increasingly dynamic market of speech recognition solutions.

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