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Why You Should Become a Dragon® Professional Reseller

Business professionals often have document-heavy demands on a daily basis. Dragon® Professional Individual can help workers get documents done faster and more accurately inside and outside of the office.

Clients can create documents and reports quickly and accurately, and zip through computer tasks in record time using their voice. Dragon Professional is voice recognition software at its finest. The software provides all of the functionality professionals need to speed up the documentation process without losing any accuracy.

Professionals that travel often don't need to fall behind on reports and documents due to their travel schedule. They can dictate into a digital voice recorder and Dragon® will automatically transcribe the recordings when connected to a desktop. Professional Individual allows professionals to create and manage reports, documents, and emails through the power of their voice, which is three times faster than typing on a keyboard.

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Dragon Professional Reseller Benefits:


Get Wholesale Pricing

Sell at regular market prices and make a considerable profit per unit. This is how you can grow your business and bring in higher revenue.


Logistical Support

Products ship to your customer the same day throughout the US and Canada, even if you don't have a warehouse.


Certification Opportunities

Extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities, exclusively offered by eDist Voice Solutions.


Hand Tailored Marketing

Marketing services tailored to your business to help you create a larger client base and delve further into niche market opportunities.

We are committed to you.

We are fully committed to the success of our resellers and will provide you with the necessary resources and support in order for you to thrive and grow in the increasingly dynamic market of speech recognition solutions.

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