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Philips Speech-to-Text Software for Business


For many businesses, the name of the game is productivity and efficiency. Companies are always looking for ways to increase those and make their teams even more successful. With Philips speech-to-text software for business, that becomes an easy reality.

Philips speech-to-text software for business can give professionals their time back and help them be more productive. The speech processing solution can also:

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Create more time for meetings, coaching team members, sending emails, and more
  • Reduce transcription service costs
  • Help alleviate burnout
  • Make the document creation process easier
  • Make it easier to dictate and transcribe important meeting notes
  • Help professionals stop working after hours and on weekends
  • Help value-added resellers (VARs) see recurring revenue and expand their customer base
  • Help all types of professionals get more time back during the day

Keep reading to learn more about Philips speech-to-text software for businesses and how the speech recognition solution can make things easier and more efficient for the entire company. Businesses and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) can offer these solutions on a large scale to save money, increase recurring revenue and grow their customer base.

What are the Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology in Business?

The benefits of speech recognition technology in business can’t be understated. It allows professionals at all levels, across a variety of industries, no matter the company’s size, to do more with their time and be more efficient during the workday.

How can you use Philips speech-to-text software for business?

  • Dictate notes from important meetings while you’re on-the-go
  • Dictate an email
  • Create documents three times faster by dictating
  • Easily organize thoughts, notes and documents in your dictation workflow
  • Streamline your workflow

Speech recognition technology has made incredible strides throughout the years and products like Philips speech-to-text software for business are enabling busy professionals to be more productive and efficient. When Philips dictation devices are paired with Philips SpeechLive®, you’ll have an unbeatable workflow software solution.

Professional dictation systems like Philips speech-to-text software for business are high-level voice-to-text programs and their dictation recorders are known for crystal-clear audio, reduced background noise, a user-friendly design and Philips offers solutions to transcribe your notes and documents in real-time.

Philips for business professionals.

How Do I Transcribe Speech to Text?

Transcribing speech-to-text with Philips is simple. Professionals can dictate directly into their web browser using SpeechLive®, the SpeechLive® app on an Apple or Android smartphone, or with a Philips voice recorder.

  • Press the record button
  • Using SpeechLive®, you can convert your voice to text
  • If you choose to use a traditional voice recorder, you’ll be able to upload your audio to SpeechLive® and your transcript will be ready in no time

You can also transcribe speech to text manually. Just simply dictate your audio into the recorder and send the audio files to your transcriptionist. You can transcribe the audio yourself, but it will save you a lot of time to do it with SpeechLive® or send it to a transcriptionist. When it comes to dictation and transcription, Philips has the solutions you need.

If you’ve decided to manually transcribe your dictation, the SpeechExec Transcription Set makes the task much easier. The features include:

  • A comfortable ergonomic foot control
  • Efficient data management
  • A priority setting so urgent recordings aren't missed
  • Seamless integration into Philips’ digital dictation solutions

How Does Philips Dictation for Business Work?

Philips speech-to-text software is a scalable end-to-end solution that can work for almost every type of business, regardless of its size.

Dictations will be encrypted with 256-bit file encryption, and you can dictate from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This gives professionals the freedom to work from anywhere and since you’ll save so much time throughout the day, you’ll no longer have to work on weekends or after hours.

Dictating thoughts and notes in the moment also helps you remember things a lot better.


SpeechMike Premium

The Philips SpeechMike is a popular option. It doesn’t have a cable attached to it, giving the person dictating more freedom to move around. It will work up to about 16 feet away.

Users like the premium decoupled studio-quality microphone with its crystal-clear audio along with the built-in noise reduction filter. It’s designed to be easy to use. The hygienic surface also gives peace of mind against germs and viruses and it’s non-sensitive to fingerprints and touch noises.

Learn More About Philips SpeechMike Premium


Philips PocketMemo

One of the reasons why users love the Philips PocketMemo is because it pairs a sleek design with ease-of-use and high-quality audio. The PocketMemo has a long battery life, which is especially important if you’re dictating extensive case files or about a patient with a long and complicated medical history.

The 3D Mic Technology means crystal-clear audio every time. And when the Philips Pocket Memo is paired with SpeechExec Pro software from Philips, it’ll be easier than ever to manage your audio files.

Learn More About Philips PocketMemo

Why You Should Become a Value-Added Reseller

Increasing productivity and efficiency is one step closer with Philips speech-to-text software for businesses

By using speech recognition technology, you’ll have more time throughout the day to tackle your to-do list, send emails you’ve been neglecting, have meetings you’ve been putting off, and much more.

eDist is the exclusive reseller in North America for speech recognition software solutions, and we can help implement Philips speech-to-text software for business into your workflow so you can start doing more with your time.

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