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eDist is the Sole distributor for Nuance® Dragon® Professional

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Why Become a Nuance® Professional & Consumer Certified Partner?

Reach out to more professional customers, provide additional services to increase efficiency for your current clients, and accelerate your business growth.

With the recent acquisition of Nuance by Microsoft, Nuance grows their resources exponentially being backed by one of the largest leaders in technology today.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Nuance offers a global community of partners, offerings, and resources designed to connect your organization with everything it needs to build and deliver cloud-based SaaS speech recognition and voice automation technology to the healthcare community. This is the perfect solution for Microsoft Certified Partners to break into healthcare or expand and further entrench themselves with their current customers in the space.

With the combination of Nuance’s unmatched technology portfolio and eDist’s extensive customer reach, this unique partner ecosystem will empower your organization with exclusive training, support, service, and sales programs that will accelerate innovation and growth for your business

What can eDist provide for your business?

eDist Partner Enablement Tools

eDist has the solutions and expertise needed to succeed in professional dictation.

The Power of a Customer-focused Team.

eDist is committed to your success, and we take pride in making you a part of our family. The path to becoming a reseller is one you won't walk alone

Technical Support.

Receive comprehensive customer and technical support for both you and your clients, alleviating the need for you to provide technical support for your clients.

Exclusive Training Opportunities.

Enjoy the extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities, as well as new product and feature webinars, offered exclusively by eDist.

Hand-Tailored Marketing.

Utilize marketing services tailored to your business to help you create a larger client base and delve into niche market opportunities.

Dragon Professional Specialties.

The power of Dragon Professional can enhance workflows in specialties like Law Enforcement, Legal, Social Services and many more.