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Wholesale Speech Recognition

Who we are.

eDist, the leading worldwide wholesale distributor of speech-recognition solutions, is pleased to offer its resellers opportunities to increase their ROI and reach out to a wider customer base. By giving resellers the opportunity to participate in the billion-dollar speech recognition software industry, eDist Business is helping resellers see big profits.

Dragon® Speech Recognition from Nuance® is the most widely used speech recognition software in the healthcare industry. As government mandates require more industries—including legal, law enforcement, and insurance—to use speech recognition software, now is the perfect time for resellers to add the full line of Dragon® speech recognition software, including Dragon® Legal, Dragon® Professional, and Dragon® Law Enforcement, into their product line. Watch as the power of the spoken word commands more profits and expands your client base.

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Tech Support

Receive comprehensive customer and technical support for both you and your clients, alleviating the need for you to provide technical support for your clients.


Wholesale Prices

Sell at regular market prices and make considerable profit per unit. Find the best wholesale pricing available with easy web order entry and bring in a higher revenue.


Logistical Support

With multiple warehouses located in key strategic shipping zones in the U.S. and Canada, eDist can quickly and efficiently respond to the needs to business owners and their customers.


Hand-Tailored Marketing

Utilize marketing services tailored to your business to help you create a larger client base and delve into niche market opportunities.


Exclusive Training Opportunities

Enjoy the extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities, as well as new product and feature webinars, offered exclusively by eDist.


Resaleable End User Support

Our technical team can train you and your clients on your behalf, acting as members of your staff.

Expand your client base with the power of voice.

eDist provides resellers with the opportunity to fulfill a variety of needs for professionals ranging from legal, medical, insurance, field reporting, law enforcement agencies, and local and state government agencies.

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Medical Speech Recognition

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

Designed for the fast-paced, multifaceted healthcare environment, Dragon® Medical One is the healthcare industry's leading speech-recognition, cloud-based software for capturing the patient story. This portable, flexible, secure and accurate app can boost medical staff efficiency for producing documentation, from any location, up to 45% faster.

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Legal Speech Recognition

Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere

Empower attorneys and other law practitioners to create high‑quality documentation and save time and money with Dragon Legal Anywhere, a cloud‑hosted speech recognition that integrates directly into legal workflows.

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Professional Speech Recognition

Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere

Save organizations time and money with cloud‑hosted speech recognition for the enterprise and public sector. Dragon Professional Anywhere integrates directly into workflows to empower your workforce to create high-quality documentation.

Learn More About Professional Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition for Law Enforcement

Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere for Law Enforcement

Empower police officers, agents, and other law enforcement professionals to use their voice naturally to create more detailed and accurate documentation quickly and easily.

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