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How to Become a Philips Speech Processing Solutions Reseller


Voice-to-text software has grown rapidly throughout the years and its ability to help professionals save time, streamline their workflow, and increase their ROI is revolutionary.

Healthcare, legal, and law enforcement professions, where large amounts of notetaking and documentation is required, may benefit the most from cloud-based speech technology. However, voice processing and speech recognition software are in high demand by professionals who work in a variety of industries, from social work to higher education.

There are many reasons to use a distributor for speech recognition software. Using a Philips distributor means you’ll be able to get your product out to a larger audience, more exposure for yourself, a chance to grow your customer base, increase your return on investment, the support of a successful team, and much more.

To fully take advantage of the perks of working withr a distributor, you’ll want to work with an established company that has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. eDist can be the sales arm for your company and your partner in success. eDist offers training, marketing, technical support, and more. If you choose eDist as your Philips distributor, you’ll enjoy the support of the entire eDist team, increased profits, repeat business, and the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with an industry leader.

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Philips for Healthcare

Philips for Healthcare »

A professional tailor-made solution for healthcare professionals.

Medical professionals need a dictation recorder that’s durable and easy to use throughout the workday. The SpeechMike Premium Air is the ideal solution with its antimicrobial surface, ergonomic shape, and wireless capabilities.

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Philips for Law Enforcement

Philips for Law Enforcement »

Efficiency and productivity are incredibly important to law enforcement officers.

The Philips PocketMemo or the Philips SpeechAir allows recordings to be sent immediately and transcribed by a speech recognition software such as Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere for Law Enforcement, or by a professional assistant.

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Philips for Legal

Philips for Legal

Legal professionals often must handle considerable amounts of documentation and correspondence daily.

The Philips PocketMemo and the Philips SpeechAir offer the ideal solution for legal professionals in large, small, and mid-sized law firms, courts, and corporate legal departments. Philips dictation solutions offer assistance by helping to manage legal professionals’ workloads and increasing their efficiency and profits.

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Philips for business professionals.

Philips for Business Professionals

From front office employees to middle and back-office workers, Philips offers helpful and productive solutions to increase productivity.

SpeechMike Premium, paired with workflow software, like SpeechLive, can help professionals become more productive and efficient. Let Philips dictation products give you your time back with the peace of mind of knowing that Philips offers the highest possible file protections for increased security.

Learn more about Philips for Business Professionals »

Philips Speech Recognition Software

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Philips is poised to meet that demand by offering voice processing solutions to fit any business need. These professionals demand technology that is both effective and saves time.

Philips' dictation technology is virtually error-free, allowing busy professionals to dictate their notes and documents quickly and accurately. Advances in compatibility with speech recognition software allow users to remain mobile, without the need to spend hours transcribing and typing their dictated notes.

Philips speech recognition software provides a variety of resources for professionals to make transcription and dictation easier. Instead of staying at work late to transcribe three hours of notes from a recent court case or medical patient, imagine getting it done in half the time (or even less) and getting your time back. Feels good, doesn't it?

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How to become a Philips Reseller

We’re always looking to increase our eDist reseller family and we may also contact you if we think you’d be a good fit.

If you’re not sure or have questions about becoming a Philips reseller and working with eDist, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Depending on which type of product you’d like to sell, there are a few different certifications you’ll need to obtain and sign.

  • Recorder Certification
  • Certification for Dictation Microphones
  • SpeechLive Certification

You may choose one certification or all three. This depends on which product you’re interested in selling and which one you think your clients will use the most. For example, some clients are happy with a handheld recorder. Others prefer a mobile recorder and cloud-based dictation software. This preference also partly depends on which industry you’re in.

Ask yourself this: Do you prefer to have the option to create written documents from your recordings from both your desk and your phone on the go? Or would you prefer to dictate your notes and send them to your transcriptionist or assistant to be typed up at work?

When you choose to become a Philips reseller through eDist, you’ll rest easy knowing that we have the resources to help you succeed and make a profit.

eDist offers:


Tech Support

Receive comprehensive customer and technical support for both you and your clients, alleviating the need for you to provide technical support for your clients.


Wholesale Prices

Sell at regular market prices and make considerable profit per unit. Find the best wholesale pricing available with easy web order entry and bring in a higher revenue.


Logistical Support

With multiple warehouses located in key strategic shipping zones in the U.S. and Canada, eDist can quickly and efficiently respond to the needs to business owners and their customers.


Hand-Tailored Marketing

Utilize marketing services tailored to your business to help you create a larger client base and delve into niche market opportunities.


Exclusive Training Opportunities

Enjoy the extensive and ongoing training and certification opportunities, as well as new product and feature webinars, offered exclusively by eDist.


Resaleable End User Support

Our technical team can train you and your clients on your behalf, acting as members of your staff.

eDist has the solutions and expertise needed to succeed in professional dictation.

The marketing and technical support specialists, combined with nationwide distribution and order entry and shipping automation, make doing business efficient and profitable for eDist dealers.

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