Dictation Solutions To Help Social Workers.

Nuance® Speech Recognition for Social Workers


Speech recognition for social workers is helping social workers be quicker, better and work more efficiently. Speech recognition software from Nuance® can help reduce how long it traditionally takes to complete case-related paperwork, leading to increased job satisfaction and more time spent with clients, children and families.

Nuance® Dragon® Professional Anywhere speech recognition software for social workers can help transform the way they do their jobs, enabling them to get more done with less time:

  • Improve the quality of case notes
  • Reduce transcription turnaround time
  • Decrease administrative costs
  • Improve overall client care
  • Decrease burnout among social workers
  • Streamline the workflow for the entire team
  • Create documents, emails and forms much more easily
  • Help Value-Added Resellers (VARs) realize recurring revenue in a SaaS model and expand their base of customers

This guide to speech recognition for social workers will give you an overview of Dragon Professional Anywhere and outline how it can help them streamline their workflows and work more efficiently.

Managed Service Providers and VARS interested in offering speech recognition for social workers on a larger scale can benefit from working with a distributor. A wholesale distributor offers certain benefits that can help grow your customer base and help you realize recurring revenue.

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Who Can Use Speech Recognition for Social Workers?

All types of social services agencies can use the cloud-based Dragon® Professional Anywhere software:

  • Clinical social workers
  • School social workers
  • Medical social workers
  • Mental health counselors
  • Child welfare officials
  • Social workers for the elderly

The software is designed for professionals who take copious notes and want to transcribe them easily. Save time and focus more on your clients. It’s easy to use and you can start today. You’ll also be able to work from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

Female social worker using cell phone

It takes about two weeks to become fluent in using speech recognition software and it can be implemented into your case management systems. Documentation requirements just got a lot easier with the ability to automatically transcribe your case notes.

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Nuance Speech Recognition for Social Workers

How Can I Streamline Case Worker Documentation?

Social workers often meet with their clients for hours. Then they have to go back to the office to type up their case notes, and sometimes there isn't a moment to waste. Typing up critical case notes can take a few hours, too. The notes can be important and therefore must be transcribed right away.

Dragon® Professional Anywhere can make this process easier for everyone. The social worker can dictate their notes into their digital voice recorder and the transcribed file can be sent to their email and easily pulled up in a text document.

Dragon is 99% accurate so minimal corrections, if any, will need to be made. This helps the critical case notes get to where they need to go faster, helps decrease burnout, and gives social workers hours of time back each day.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Distributor to Sell Speech Recognition for Social Workers?

Dragon is revolutionizing dictation and making it easier than ever. Speech recognition for social workers allows them to automatically transfer their case notes to a transcriptionist or to a program that can transcribe the notes in real-time to a text document.

But how does Dragon Professional benefit VARs?

Resellers and channel partners can use the benefits eDist offers to stand out in today’s saturated marketplace. It’s also important to work with a distributor who has a proven reputation in the speech recognition industry. We’ve been in business for more than 48 years and we’ve grown and evolved with the industry. No one does it better than we do.

Some of the advantages of working with a Value-Added Distributor like eDist include:

  • Pre- and post-sales support
  • Exclusive training and certifications
  • Help to grow your customer base
  • White label support
  • Proven supply chain knowledge
  • Access to Product Champions and industry experts
  • Lower cost to go-to-market
  • The support of the entire team behind you

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If you’d like to become a Nuance reseller and offer your social worker clients Dragon® Professional Anywhere, let us know. We can help you get started today. We are the exclusive distributor in North America for SaaS Nuance Dragon speech recognition software.

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