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Speech Recognition for Legal Professionals

Speech recognition for lawyers is quickly taking the industry by storm. Legal professionals have evolved from analog tapes for a more organized and streamlined digital workflow using speech recognition software from Nuance® Communications. Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere is designed for all types of legal professionals and Nuance Dragon legal reseller’s clients can benefit by saving time, money, increasing their billable hours, and more. Empower your attorneys to take back their time now.

By the numbers...

Most people SPEAK over

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per minute.

Most people TYPE less than

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per minute.

Dragon® Legal Anywhere’s specialized vocabulary enables legal professionals to dictate contracts, briefs, or format legal citations and other legal documentation three times faster than typing, with up to 99% accuracy. Using speech recognition, lawyers, judges, paralegals and other legal professionals can quickly and easily document details of client meetings, cases and trials, in half the time.

Keep reading to learn more about legal speech recognition and how Dragon Legal Anywhere can help streamline professionals in the legal industry’s workflows, increase billable hours and help end the cycle of working after hours and on weekends. If you’re a Value-Added Reseller and you have legal clients, this is the speech recognition and time saving solution you’ve been looking for that can generate new recurring SaaS revenue for your business.

What is Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere?

Dragon Legal Anywhere is built off Dragon Professional Anywhere and it features its own specialized legal vocabulary. It’s helping lawyers and other legal professionals to use speech recognition software to streamline their work like never before. The need for manual transcriptions can be a thing of the past, so you can focus more on your clients and other legal tasks.

Dragon Legal Anywhere uses natural language processing and AI-powered speech recognition to help legal professionals do more with their time. Legal professionals can easily dictate and edit case files, briefs, contracts, emails, forms and other documents. They can even format legal citations automatically. Dragon Legal is trained to capture specific legal terms, so you can minimize the need to go back and make edits, and save even more time.

Dragon Legal Anywhere

Is Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere Faster Than Typing?

Since dictation is three times faster than typing, judges, lawyers, paralegals and other legal practitioners using speech recognition will be able to increase their billable hours and save administrative costs on things like manual transcription.

Dragon is trained using millions of words from legal documents to deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms, so it’s made specifically for the legal sector.

What is Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere Used For?

Lawyers and legal professionals can use dictation for a variety of things. It can be used for most tasks in the legal workflow and once legal professionals get acclimated to the technology, it will be hard to go back to dictating and transcribing the old way. The software will help lawyers do more with their time, increase billable hours and overall efficiency; it’ll pay for itself in hours not weeks.

Lawyers, judges, paralegals and other legal professionals who want to streamline their transcription workflow and move away from the mess of analog tapes should consider Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere. It can be used for:

  1. Increasing billable hours, document turnaround time and reducing transcription costs. Law firms can save time on transcription tasks since the software can transcribe the document almost instantly with 99% accuracy.
  2. Maximizing efficiency and profitability on fixed price work like Real Estate closings or other contracted agreements.
  3. Taking more accurate notes about important meetings and cases.
  4. Creating more detailed documentation, emails and forms.
  5. Reducing overall administrative tasks so lawyers can spend more time with their clients or cultivate a better work-life balance.
  6. Working from anywhere with a secure internet connection. There’s no need to stay at the office and work.
  7. Creating commands for specialized words and phrases so the software can easily remember the verbiage so you can save even more time on your dictations.
  8. Sending secure documentation. Dragon software is hosted on Microsoft Azure secure servers.
Nuance Speech Recognition for Legal Professionals

Dragon Legal Anywhere Reseller Benefits

Resellers with legal clients can introduce the cloud-based speech-to-text software into their clients’ product lines and it will completely transform their efficiency. In addition to that, when Value-Added Resellers work with a Value-Added Distributor, they can offer even more perks and specialties to their clients.

Earn Recurring Revenue

With a subscription-based model, Dragon Legal Anywhere resellers have the potential to earn unlimited recurring revenue.

Easy Online Administration

Easily manage all your Dragon Legal Anywhere installations through an online administration portal called the Nuance Management Center.

Long-term Revenue Stream

Dragon Legal Anywhere is a subscription-based product, so you generate recurring revenue throughout the life of the contract and provide additional opportunities to further harvest profits from the ongoing interaction with the clients from selling additional support and hardware solutions to improving their experience. Every sale has an opportunity for a high customer lifetime value.

Training and Certification

We offer training and certification, continuing education and webinars so you can feel confident and ready to start selling speech recognition to your legal clients. Each VAR has a dedicated Account Manager and Product Expert who can offer a consultative approach to understanding each reseller’s unique client base, helping it grow, and helping the reseller realize recurring revenue.

Product Experts

Our team of product experts know Dragon Legal Anywhere products like the backs of their hands. If you have a legal client who needs help troubleshooting a product, installing it or you have any other questions, you’ll have access to resources who can help.

Marketing Support

We know that every Value-Added Reseller has different needs so we can design marketing materials to meet your unique business objectives. Choose from branded email templates, landing pages, social media creative, sell sheets, and more.

White-Label Support

Our scalable White-Label technical support can not only assist the reseller, but it can also be rebranded to assist the needs of their growing client base. Technical support firms provide Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support, from routine, maintenance to complex problem solves.

Industry Experts

We have a team of qualified speech recognition industry experts and they’re available to guide resellers, answer their questions and help them sell the products and meet their sales goals. We’ve been part of the industry and we’ve seen it grow from analog tapes to cloud-hosted products available to use anywhere.

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How Can I Become a Dragon Legal Anywhere Reseller?

Nuance Dragon Legal resellers can give their legal clients the gift of saving time, money and increased efficiency. The software is designed to work with 99% accuracy and can almost instantly transcribe documents, forms, emails and streamline other administrative tasks.

When Value-Added Resellers use a Value-Added Distributor, they can offer their clients more perks and more comprehensive assistance. Resellers will also benefit from a subscription-based recurring revenue model, increased customer base and they’ll be surrounded by and have the support of a value-added team.

Nuance Dragon Resellers can contact us to book a demo with a Nuance Dragon Product Expert so they can better explain to their legal clients how beneficial speech recognition software can be to their workflow and bottom line.

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