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Improve workflow efficiency, grow employee satisfaction, and increase money-saving (and money-making) opportunities with enterprise speech solutions.

Enterprise Speech Solutions

Deployment and administration made easy.

Companies large and small benefit from implementing enterprise speech solutions. Whether a company has 20 employees or thousands, there is an enterprise speech solution that can work for them — increasing workflow efficiency, overall employee satisfaction, and money-saving opportunities.

In the last ten years, the number of licenses for speech-recognition software has grown to exceed 3.5 million and that number is expected to grow even more as government mandates require hospitals and government agencies to transition to digital documentation. VARs who can provide speech-recognition software licensing are at the forefront of enterprise speech solutions.

For VARs, the explosion of enrollment in enterprise speech solutions means an expansion of their customer base into high-volume markets, like hospitals, government agencies, insurance agencies, and law firms, which translates to bigger profits and a customer base who depends on their reseller to keep them up to date with the latest enterprise speech solutions. In order for VARs to fully serve their current and new customers, they need to be able to supply them with and support their enterprise speech solutions.

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Enterprise Speech Solutions Are Central to Any Large Business

As a reseller of enterprise speech solutions, it pays to be able to offer your customers the best enterprise speech solutions available today, along with a range of products, like dictation devices, so you can tailor their experience with you and directly suit their companies' individual needs.

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Why resell enterprise speech solutions?

  • Enterprise solutions allow all employees to work from a central server, which makes deployment, maintenance, and trouble-shooting simple
  • Enterprise solutions save money in the long run. While initially they may be a bit more costly to implement, enterprise speech solutions save money by giving companies greater control over workflows and increasing efficiency overall. Plus, when working from a central server, it is easier for IT techs and administrative staff to maintain the system and companies experience fewer issues with the software compared to installation on individual PCs
  • Enterprise solutions ensure the software is always up to date with the latest upgrades and updates, automatically sent by the software manufacturer
  • Enterprise solutions give administrative staff greater control over workflows and authorization levels in addition to providing information about individual user interaction and usage

Philips Speech Processing

Law firms, hospitals, and other high-volume dictation businesses using this software have reported increased productivity, increased overall employee satisfaction, and increased overall efficiency since workflows can be customized, monitored, and distributed more easily from a centralized server.

Dictation management is easy and users are given the choice to transcribe their information via speech-recognition software, like Dragon® NaturallySpeaking Legal or Professional, or an administrative assistant or transcription service.

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Olympus Professional Speech Solutions

The Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) allows for easy dictation management as it allows users to download, share, and manage dictation files through local networks with 256-bit file encryption and password-protected files.

ODMS has the ability to incorporate the WiFi features of the DS-9500 ensures your organization’s success with real-time dictation file sharing and easy implementation.

ODMS provides a seamless interface with Nuance® Dragon® Speech Recognition Software to transcribe your dictation files automatically with back-end speech recognition.

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eDist helps resellers expand with enterprise solutions.

eDist, the leading wholesale distributor of enterprise speech solutions, has the products, services, and support value-added resellers (VAR) need to grow their customer base and expand their business exponentially. Partnering with eDist gives VARs access to enterprise speech solutions from Phillips, Olympus, and Nuance.

eDist offers resellers value-added services that their competitors simply can’t match, such as the best wholesale pricing, ongoing technical and customer support for both resellers and their customers, training and certification opportunities, logistical support, and marketing services.

eDist is a trusted name in speech-recognition solutions for general, vertical, and niche markets and they realize that when their dedicated resellers profit, everyone profits so they strive to provide the best and most widely-varied speech-recognition products, support, and services.

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