Veterinary Speech Recognition

Empower veterinary professionals with a high-quality documentation experience across multiple platforms and devices regardless of physical location while increasing your margins with a subscription-based sales model.

Veterinary Speech-to-Text

Resellers can help veterinarians do more with less time. Offer Dragon® Medical One to your veterinarian clients today.

Veterinarians need a way to streamline their workflow, spend more time with their patients and make documentation in practice management software easier and more efficient. That’s where dictation and transcription software like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One come in.

The secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution is easy to use and implement into your workflow. Dragon Medical One resellers can help empower veterinarians to focus more on their patients, save time on documentation, save on transcription costs, and much more.

Veterinary speech-to-text software from Dragon Medical One works with a variety of medical practice software:

  • AviMark
  • Cornerstone
  • ImproMed Infinity
  • ezyVet
  • eVet Practice
  • NEO
  • Vetter Software

Dragon® Medical One is a medical-specific speech recognition software that saves time and tells the complete patient story. It’s easy to use with various practice management software and adding a personalized custom vocabulary to save even more time. Keep reading to learn more.

Nuance for veterinary professionals

Dragon Medical One Reseller Benefits

Dragon Medical One is hosted on Microsoft Azure secure servers which can be used anywhere with a secure internet connection, the product itself is very secure and it’s also 99% accurate. Whether you’re implementing the program into a large corporation or small veterinary practice, it’s always beneficial for the reseller to work with a certified Dragon Medical One distributor.

When Value-Added Resellers (VARs) align themselves with a Value-Added Distributor (VAD), they get access to a variety of benefits a reseller typically wouldn't have access to. These include a proven recurring revenue model, product experts, industry knowledge, white-label support, sales tax collection, lower cost to go-to-market, sales and marketing assistance, branded marketing materials, Nuance Management Center online portal, training, certifications, and more.

Here are some more reasons why it’s beneficial to work with a Value-Added Distributor:

  • Recurring revenue. By using our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, Dragon Medical One resellers could earn unlimited recurring revenue.
  • Greater accuracy. Dragon Medical One is 99% accurate and it doesn’t need any voice profile training. It’s also very user-friendly. Microphone calibration and accent adjustments are automatic.
  • Always available. Veterinarians can use the software from anywhere with a secure internet connection.
  • Automate high‑value clinical tasks. Dragon Medical One works with most practice management software.
  • Secure and compliant. Dragon Medical One uses secure encryption methods throughout the clinical documentation workflow.
  • Easy online administration. Easily see and manage all of your Dragon Medical One installations with the Nuance Management Center.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Using their existing infrastructure, veterinarians can begin dictating in minutes. If you have questions or need help in the future, our white label support team is here to assist you and your clients.

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How is Speech Recognition Used in Veterinary Care?

Veterinary professionals can use speech recognition to generate faster, better and more detailed documentation. Think of Dragon Medical One as your personal veterinary medical transcription program and your veterinary dictation software.

Veterinary speech recognition can help veterinarians by:

  • Saving on transcription costs
  • Decreasing veterinarian burnout
  • Streamlining their workflow and giving them their time back
  • Telling the complete patient story
  • More detailed and accurate documents
  • Ending the cycle of working after hours and on weekends

Once downloaded, the cloud-based product and implement it into your practice management system, users will be able to start dictating your notes right away. Once you’re done, you can save hours of time by having the software transcribe your audio into text.

The Nuance® Management Center (NMC) helps providers share data, generate reports and distribute licenses. Reports feature how many total sessions, characters and minutes were dictated each month, and more.

Recurring Revenue Model for Resellers

Since Dragon Medical One is a subscription-based product, Value-Added Resellers make recurring revenue throughout the duration of the contract—not a lump sum.

Each new subscription has an "implementation fee," which is to be paid by the end-user when they purchase the product. With this reselling SaaS business model, resellers, end-users and Managed Service Providers realize both short-term and long-term revenue.

How Do I Get Dragon Medical One for Veterinarians?

Speech recognition is changing the way veterinarians and veterinary practice managers work. The software helps professionals find more time and improves veterinary medical record workflows. The AI-powered speech-to-text solution is also enabling veterinarians to be able to spend more time with patients and give them better care.

Some of the advantages of working with a wholesale distributor include:

  • Recurring revenue model
  • Access to product and industry experts
  • Exclusive product offerings
  • Marketing support
  • Training and certifications
  • A growing customer base
  • Lower go-to-market cost
  • White label support

Join our Reseller Partner Program

When you join our exclusive reseller partner program, you’ll have the eDist team to support you and access to technical support, training and all of the resources you’ll need to be successful.

eDist also has an exclusive e-commerce platform that can be utilized to help channel partners, resellers and Managed Service Providers take advantage of the recurring revenue model and reduce the risks and costs of operating an e-commerce operation, so they can continue to focus on selling to their end-users in the veterinary sector.

Contact us today for an exclusive product demo so you can see how well Dragon Medical One can implement into your veterinary clients’ systems.

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