What are the Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology?


Busy professionals are constantly looking for ways to streamline their workflow, save time and do more throughout the workday. Speech recognition technology has been around for decades, and professional dictation is getting more advanced and intuitive, making it easier to realize the benefits of speech recognition technology and save time on administrative tasks throughout the day.

What are the Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology?

  • Increased billable hours
  • Less money spent on a transcriptionist
  • Improved productivity and a more streamlined workflow for the entire team
  • More time throughout the day to spend with patients, clients and customers
  • More work done throughout the work week so working after hours and on weekends becomes a thing of the past
  • No more missing important events because you have to work
  • Becoming a speech recognition software reseller means recurring revenue for Value-Added Resellers

How Do You Define Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition is also known by a variety of other terms including speech-to-text, voice-to-text, automatic speech recognition (ASR) and more. What speech recognition software does is enable a software program to process speech into a written format. Speech recognition differs from voice recognition in that voice recognition only identifies a person’s voice. Speech recognition is concerned with the translation of speech from a verbal format to text on a computer.
benefits of speech recognition technology

What is Speech Recognition and How Does it Work?

The speech technology industry has come a long way since one of the first voice recognition devices was invented in the early 1950s. Speech recognition software is trained to take human speech, decipher it and turn it into text.

How Does Speech Recognition Work?

There are many benefits of speech recognition software, but before we tell you about the benefits of speech recognition technology, it’s important to understand how it works. Speech recognition software works by using deep learning neural networks and natural language processing (NLP). The latter is a way for computers to understand, analyze and find meaning from the human language, in an intelligent and thoughtful way. Professional speech recognition is more advanced than everyday speech-to-text products like Alexa, Siri and Windows’ Cortana. You can dictate naturally, like you’re having a conversation. It can detect accents, terminology and it can spell accurately, too.
benefits of speech recognition technology

What are the Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology?

  • Professional tools like Nuance® Dragon®, Olympus and Philips SpeechLive® are designed for busy professionals to dictate notes, forms and documents. These tools are designed to work with a variety of industries including healthcare, legal, law enforcement and more.
  • Professional speech recognition technology works with Electronic Health Record management systems and Records Management Systems for law enforcement.
  • Lawyers can use speech recognition technology to decrease their billable hours and save on transcription costs.
  • Many programs have built-in terminology specific to an industry to save even more time.
  • Products can work with Microsoft 365 and other programs for an even more streamlined workflow.
  • Professional speech recognition technology can reduce repetitive tasks so professionals can focus on other things like their clients, patients and other aspects of the business.
  • It also allows businesses to save money by automating processes and doing administrative tasks more quickly.
  • The hands-free conversational artificial intelligence tool not only increases efficiency, but also job satisfaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Speech Recognition Software

While there are many advantages of speech recognition technology, as with everything, there are some disadvantages as well.

There are countless advantages of speech recognition technology. These include:
  • Talking is much faster than typing.
  • You can dictate a document three times faster than you can type it.
  • Dictation paired with transcription software means reduced transcription costs and a much easier workflow.
  • Voice recognition software can be used by any industry
  • Get more done during the day and the workweek
  • Have more time to focus on your patients and clients
  • Work from anywhere with a secure internet connection. Dictate from home, the courtroom, police car or while you’re walking around the hospital.
  • Speech recognition technology can detect accents and spell words accurately.
Some common disadvantages of speech recognition include setting it up and getting used to dictation along with the technology not filtering out background noise, not understanding your voice or knowing some of the words you’re dictating. Professional dictation solutions like Nuance®, Philips and Olympus make voice recorders that have no problem filtering out background noise and they’re designed to pick up on accents and one of the most accurate software systems available. You can use these products easily and not have to worry whether they’re capturing your entire dictation. They’re also designed to be easy to set up and use. One of the perks that come with using a distributor like eDist to sell these products to professionals is you’ll have the full support of the eDist team behind you. This means we can help users set up their speech recognition technology software, provide technical support and much more. We also provide training and marketing. We want to make sure our Value-Added Resellers are successful and that’s why we give you the tools you need to see results and drive recurring revenue.
benefits of speech recognition technology

Which Speech Recognition Software is the Best?

There is a big difference between free speech recognition software and professional subscription-based speech recognition technology.

Here are the top 2 subscription-based speech recognition programs:

Drive Recurring Revenue with Speech Recognition Technology

Now that you know more about the benefits of speech recognition technology and how it’s revolutionizing the way we work, you can start boosting productivity, morale and the bottom line today.

Information Technology professionals, project managers and high-level executives can easily implement this technology into their workflow and eDist is here to assist if you need help getting up and running. We are the exclusive North American distributor for speech recognition products and when you work with us, you’ll have the full power of our experienced and knowledgeable team behind you. We’re happy to answer all of your questions, give you an overview of the products and help you become a speech recognition software reseller with eDist today.