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eDist : Your Partner in Success.

Serving independent resellers throughout the United States for over 48 years and Canada since 2009, eDist is considered a leading solutions provider, comprehensively handling the project needs of our customers from conception to installation through to support.

About eDist

Why eDist Is Your Partner in Success

We are the leading value-added wholesale distributor of voice solutions in the USA and Canada. Our team is hyper-focused in the niche of the untapped market of voice recognition software in a SaaS model, that include input devices such as professional dictation equipment and transcription software that is transforming people’s lives by providing the most valuable gift of all, time.

eDist works with a network of Value-Added Resellers or “VARs” empowering brands to reach key vertically focused categories such as Healthcare, Legal, Law Enforcement, Financial, Government, Social Services, Education, Field Reporting, Education and more.

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or sell or support technology in any major vertical markets, eDist offers training for certification on our exclusive products that can provide recurring revenue, with the opportunity for add-on sales of products & support revenue.

Evolving With Partners and Technology

Over time, eDist has continually evolved to align with the shifting needs of our resellers, business partners and the internet landscape. We have added new services and technology that we couldn't have imagined over 48 years ago. As a result, we strive to deliver forward-thinking ideas, e-commerce development and outstanding recurring revenue models to our resellers, year after year.

The success and growth of our company is rooted in our unparalleled reseller support. Our team continually receives the highest satisfaction ratings for customer satisfaction in the industry. We provide technical support, training, marketing assistance and are truly the epitome of value-added distribution.

Exceeding Partner Expectations

One of our core values is to not just meet expectations but to exceed them. We continue to strive for excellence and approach each new partner as an opportunity empower their success. The team within eDist is unlike any other in the industry, with a deep commitment to providing customized solutions designed to accelerate out partner's path to profitability

Our goal is to grow our geographically expand our Reseller community with us in rapidly expanding and lucrative arenas, so every market is supported, and our solutions effectively penetrate underserved markets.

What Makes Us Different?

The eDist team is an unprecedented mix of experienced, knowledgeable, and technically proficient sales professionals, marketing, training, technical support and logistics experts.

Together our capabilities are amplified. No matter what your specific task calls for, with their presence in your markets and proven expertise, our team is your guarantee that all of your needs are completely met.

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Building a Foundation for Profitability

We have developed a user-friendly, on-demand e-commerce platform, sales and marketing for business technology manufacturers, distributors, resellers in the USA and Canada. Our solutions include the flexibility to create customized offerings to meet the specific needs of both the software as a service “SaaS” applications, hardware, and support marketplace.

Our program includes an equal playing field, world-class e-commerce capabilities, sophisticated reseller compensation management, monthly income reporting, robust subscription and support services, proven digital marketing technologies, sales tax collection and turnkey electronic fulfillment through API integration.

The Best Reseller Program In The Industry:

The future of the voice solutions industry is the recurring revenue, cloud-based subscription model.

Predictable Income Model Features:

  • See transparent future income reports, increasing efficiency and profitability for our resellers.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) from ongoing relationships that lead to more training, new accessory sales and satisfied customers and referrals.
  • Utilizing Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) products that are exclusive through an elite group of certified VARs.
  • Add our most popular subscription-based support packages, adding predictable revenue and profitability.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • By working almost exclusively with a select group of vendors such as Nuance®, Philips®, and Olympus® we have become leaders in the Voice Solutions industry.

Scalable Technical Support:

  • We partner with technical support firms that provide Tier 1, Tier 2, or even Tier 3 technical support from simple to complex customer assistance.
  • Our support packages can be scaled to fit the needs of your company and client base, with room for future expansion.

Customized Marketing Resources:

  • Everything pivots around online presence. These virtual spaces have evolved into technology showcases and sales tools combined. Leverage our years of hands-on experience in creating effective advertising to maximize return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

Logistics Partnerships:

  • We align ourselves with premier fulfillment centers to enable efficient delivery of your physical products to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Locations are strategically located in the USA and a sister company in Canada, shipments placed the same day can be fulfilled exceeding customer expectations.

Professional Training and Certifications:

  • Through eDist, receive direct access to training and certifications with industry-leading vendors and software, covering a wide array of specialized fields.

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