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When it comes to high stress work environments, it can sometimes be difficult to find time for yourself, or your patients. If this is the case, time saving opportunities are paramount to being successful. That’s where speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus come in.

Speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus includes:

  • Dual microphones to suppress background noise for crystal-clear accuracy
  • Immediate file sharing with a transcriptionist if the device is Wi-Fi compatible
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Intuitively positioned controls so you don’t have to remember verbal commands
  • An antimicrobial and ergonomic exterior
  • Encrypted files with 256-bit AES encryption, with the Olympus Mobile App
  • A workflow that can efficiently route files within organizations via network servers, email, or FTP

Keep reading to learn more about how speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus can benefit large and small practices, hospital chains, solo practitioners and every type of physician and healthcare professional.

Please keep in mind that some of the features listed above may not be available in older Olympus dictation products. And only Olympus transcription products are guaranteed to integrate with Olympus dictation products.

What is an Olympus Medical Dictation Device?

Olympus' dictation and transcription workflow tools streamline the transcription process, integrating directly with a facility's workflow and leading voice recognition software.

The result is improved record-keeping, efficiency, and care without significantly increased overhead. This provides medical practitioners with a secure, reliable, and flexible way to spend more time with their patients, and less time stuck at their desk typing up reports.

Cloud-based speech dictation software can drastically decrease time spent documenting medical records and other types of clinical documentation. These solutions are designed to make physicians' lives easier, so you can work smarter, not harder.

By using speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus, physicians will be able to save time, work more efficiently and better determine how they spend their time.

This means you won’t have to miss your kid’s soccer game because you’re at work transcribing a document, you can enjoy your weekends since you won’t have to bring work home with you, you won’t experience burnout as easily, and you can focus more on the patient.

Benefits of using an Olympus medical dictation device:

  • Reduced physician burnout by improving workflow and giving physicians some of their time back
  • Increased physician productivity
  • Improved workflow and reduced transcription expenses
  • More detailed documentation and faster delivery results in improved patient care

What are my speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus?

Olympus has a variety of products and tools for dictating and transcribing audio:

  • DS-9500 Dictation Recorder
  • DS-9000 Dictation Recorder
  • RecMic II Dictation Device
  • Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS)

Use the RecMicII with the EHR Speech Recognition Solution and the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) and you’ll be able to solve all your speech-to-text medical solution needs.


The DS-9500 Dictation Recorder

  • Resellers can easily turnaround and sell the device at MSRP prices while still seeing increases in their profit margins by 20-30%.
  • Perfect for law offices, medical professionals, law enforcement, insurance agents, and many more.
  • The Olympus Voice-Activated technology automatically tracks pauses in a speaker's dictation to save time, power, and recording space.
  • WiFi compatibility and LAN connector included
  • Shock-proof body improves longevity

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The DS-9000 Dictation Recorder

  • Built-in motion sensor allows the user to wake the device by picking it up to immediately start recording.
  • The Olympus VCVA technology automatically tracks pauses in a speaker's dictation to save time, power, and recording space.

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Olympus ODMS

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS)

The ODMS system helps medical practices boost productivity, efficiency, and workflow security.

The ODMS workflow allows instant file sharing via FTP, email or a shared folder. You won’t have to mail tapes to an outsourced or remote transcriptionist, and you won’t have to worry about lost or misplaced tapes. In fact, using ODMS means your files are fully protected with automatic 256-bit encryption, so you’ll never have to worry about security again. The file will be there waiting for the transcriptionist or assistant already. It also integrates seamlessly with Nuance® Dragon® Medical One speech recognition software.

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The RecMic II Dictation Device

This is the top-of-the-line dictation microphone from Olympus. Users love that it features an antimicrobial housing so equipment is hygienic. It also has intelligent dual microphones to block out background noise, has the ability to work with third-party apps like an HID keyboard and microphone stand, and it’s ergonomically designed to be intuitive and easy to operate.

  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise.
  • HID Keyboard mode enables plug-and-play experience with 3rd party apps.
  • Slide-switch and push-button models available for optimal comfort.


RM-4010P Push-button Dictation Microphone

RecMic II

  • Push-button operation
  • Trackball for easy and fast mouse control
  • All buttons can be assigned with the commands you need most often, including the commands used for speech recognition.
  • USB cord

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RM-4015P Push-button Dictation Microphone

RecMic II

  • 8GB of internal memory - Download the speech profile directly to the microphone
  • Push-button operation
  • Trackball for easy and fast mouse control
  • All buttons can be assigned with the commands you need most often, including the commands used for speech recognition.

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RM-4110S Slide Switch Dictation Microphone

RecMic II

  • Slide switch operation
  • Trackball for easy and fast mouse control
  • All buttons can be assigned with the commands you need most often, including the commands used for speech recognition.

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What is Speech Recognition Software and How Does it Work?

Speech recognition software works by simplifying the audio recording into separate and distinct sounds, analyzing them, creating a sequence of words, and generating a text file.

Professional-grade medical speech recognition software is made for busy professionals who must take a lot of clinical notes, create documents, and fill out forms. Medical speech-recognition technology, for example, helps doctors save time on documenting, transcribing and other office tasks so they can spend more time with their patients.

What is ODMS Transcription?

Think of ODMS Transcription as the glue that holds everything together. It gives medical speech recognition programs like Dragon® Medical One a seamless interface with these medical speech-to-text solutions.

Benefits of using ODMS Transcription:

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Secure file 256-bit encryption
  • Intuitive interface designed to boost productivity
  • Able to route files to users via email, FTP or a network server
  • To expedite transcription workflow, you can set up templates for your audio file through ODMS for predetermined locations, fonts and text sizes

How to Become an Olympus Reseller for the Healthcare Industry

As a reseller of speech-to-text medical solutions from Olympus, you can streamline the workflow for medical practices of all sizes, help physicians reduce burnout, focus more on the patient, work a little less, and get some of their time back.

When you partner with eDist, you’ll have the power and strength of industry leaders behind you. We’ll help you each step of the way. eDist provides training, help with marketing and we also provide technical support. We do all of this because we want you to be successful. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to start becoming an Olympus reseller today.

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