How to Increase Physician Mobility with Nuance and Philips Products


On the Move: How to Strengthen Physician Mobility

Quick access to information is of the utmost importance to a physician. It can be the difference between a positive and a negative outcome. Regularly, this action takes place while on the move.

Nuance® and Philips® products support physician mobility and offer the clinician the freedom to connect anywhere throughout the clinic, medical center, home, or car.

Read on to learn how you as a Value-Added Reseller can address the challenges these clinicians face and how you can offer an artificial intelligence cloud-based solution that streamlines their operations and enhances their medical practice.

More Mobility Equals More Patient-centric Care

According to Statista, as of August 2022, there are 643,000 Ambulatory Care Centers in the US, employing 7.4 million people and generating $1 trillion in revenue. Add to this the number of medical practices, clinics, and multi-physician medical centers that exist across our nation and you get a picture of how many hundreds of thousands of physicians are hard at work (a large percentage of them still typing or writing on medical charts).

These medical facilities, large and small, are embracing new ways of sharing patient data among themselves, other providers, insurance companies, and even with the patients themselves. This has created a dire need for these records to be as up-to-date as humanly possible. That in itself has created another challenge: clinician burnout. To avoid this exhaustion is where you and speech-recognition software come in.

Increase Physician Mobility

A recent survey of 1,731 clinicians in Massachusetts and Colorado showed that 78.8% of respondents were satisfied with speech recognition (SR) and 77.2% agreed that SR improves efficiency.

As mobility becomes a de facto requirement of medical practice, you can demonstrate to your healthcare clients how speech-enabling their electronic health records (EHRs) will benefit them with the sharing of medical data, making them more mobile, and saving them time while saving money for their medical center (mainly on medical transcriptionists). Streamlined processes are an achievable goal.

Whether they dictate directly onto the EHR (as with Nuance® Dragon®), use a handheld recorder, or a transcription set (as with Philips®), these speech-recognition medical software and hardware products will improve the medical workflow—in-house and external. Better collaboration across clinical departments and other healthcare facilities will lead to better patient-centered care.

Benefits for the Mobile Physician

By utilizing the HIPPA-compliant Nuance® or Philips® speech recognition mobile app—or even Philips® portable voice recorders (also HIPPA-compliant)—clinicians can stay on the go and provide instructions wherever and whenever they need to right into their electronic medical records (EMRs). This allows doctors to record important notes right after they see a patient, and since they save time by not typing manual reports, they can see more patients during the day.

As an example, look at this scenario: The doctor is having lunch when he or she receives a call from a colleague. The colleague, a specialist, is seeing one of their patients and is requesting the latest radiology images and phlebotomy tests performed on the patient. The doctor can open an email, attach the requested files, add a message, and send the email… all by using voice commands.

And it doesn’t matter if the other physician is down the street or on the other side of the globe, clinicians can share images and data with colleagues anywhere and at any time. Doctors can quickly and efficiently help one another with diagnostic challenges and participate in decision-making related to patient care options.

Another benefit is how easy it is to get started. All your client needs to do is simply install it on their portable device and they can dictate everything anywhere they want—sitting at a desk or walking down the hall in their practice.

The Outstanding Flexibility of Nuance® Dragon® PowerMic Mobile App

With Nuance® PowerMic Mobile App and Dragon® Medical solutions, clinicians can dictate as they move from room to room, workstation to workstation, using their own personal smartphone as a convenient, wireless mic. In addition to greater mobility, the Nuance® PowerMic Mobile App boosts productivity and improves physician satisfaction, all with the enhanced security of Microsoft Azure.

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is scalable and centrally managed. Our cloud-based services also support Mobile Device Management solutions (such as VMWare, Cisco, and others). It can pair with iOS and Android devices. Its on-screen programmable buttons help control audio capture, navigate templates, and access, review, and edit documents.

Whether it’s physicians dictating records, catching up, or giving instructions, they will appreciate the freedom of mobility, and say goodbye to hunting for lost USB cables or waiting for a dedicated workstation to become available, among many other daily frustrations.

PowerMic Mobile

…the Nuance® PowerMic Mobile App boosts productivity and improves physician satisfaction, all with the enhanced security of Microsoft Azure.

Philips® Opens a World of Cloud-Based Collaborative Care

Philips® solutions have afforded clinicians the opportunity to expand their points of access to patient data, thus enabling them to follow their patient’s progress, consult and collaborate with their colleagues, review images and notes, and offer better quality treatment. Plus, they can perform all this outside the confines of their clinic or practice.

Philips® gives physicians the ability to dictate in situ, on a recorder, or on the go with the voice recorder app. The Philips® mobile app pairs with iOS and Android, as well.

Philips® helps clinicians create accurate clinical documentation quicker and more efficiently using professional medical speech-to-text solutions. Additionally, they can save time by dictating the documents themselves, thanks to our leading professional medical speech-recognition software.

Philips Mobile Dictation

These solutions also give physicians the freedom to work flexibly by combining classic transcription routing and medical voice recognition software. Should the clinician not have access to a transcriptionist, they can use speech-to-text algorithms that will create documentation instantly.

Philips® offers a professional medical vocabulary for all medical fields. Additionally, audio files can be dictated directly into the providers’ healthcare information system.

And, best of all, these solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud.

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