eDist Support Expertise

Software Integration Consultants

Whether you’re using a Windows® or Mac® platform, eDist will integrate voice and workflow solutions into your existing medical, legal, business, law enforcement, or government environment. We can configure speech recognition to be used with your EHR, or show you how to pair Microsoft Office applications with other delivery and speech recognition programs.

If you prefer to use a mobile app or handheld recorder, we can leverage workflow software to send and receive your files over the local network, via FTP or mobile server, or by email — using either Outlook or a web-based mail service. As a software as a service provider, we’ll install and integrate these solutions into your existing documentation strategy, adding capabilities like file management and backup, metadata sorting and filtering, and speech recognition, for back-end document creation. By taking advantage of cloud technology, we can enhance your computing power.

Cloud Solution Providers

Your eDist support team can implement cloud speech recognition in any supported environment, allowing your voice profile to be stored in the cloud and available anywhere the client application is installed.

We administrate cloud portals, platforms, and tools, deploying commands, templates, and custom words between users and groups, as well as managing their memberships. Additionally, we service cloud platform workflow applications, helping you to create accounts, deliver dictations, configure settings, access backups, set user relationships, and configure new users–and all with highly advanced cloud security protocols.

Support, Training, and Advanced Configuration

eDist is proficient in providing support for major speech recognition solutions. Our team represents decades of combined experience. We can troubleshoot known or new issues, and decode error messages, providing solutions or escalating as necessary — during which, we track the issue and perform log analysis, and follow-up until we reach a resolution.

We can be reached by phone, chat, email, or ticket system. We’ll diagnose the issue and then decide the next steps — whether that’s a callback or email response, scheduling a remote session, or providing documentation resources. We can also train individual users and staff members on our system software and any of the solutions we support. We provide training that runs the full spectrum — from basic to advanced concepts.

Citrix, VMware, and Windows Terminal Services environments

When it comes to configuring a solution, eDist follows best practices for standard implementations, but we also offer custom installation and advanced configuration.

If you need to set up a complex workflow for document delivery, perform dictation routing, or incorporate document templates, we’ve got you covered. We can customize your hardware operation, set up security access and encryption, upload custom data lists, and more. We also set up applications for network integration or server use, in Citrix, VMware, and Windows Terminal Services environments.

Enterprise Software License Administration

We are experts in license management on several platforms, including multi-user enterprise schemas, cloud solutions with administrative portals, license servers with machine fingerprints, and more.

We can also issue group licenses, or create them out of individual ones (where supported). We also manage licensing for individual workstations, and we’re able to deploy them normally, or using administrative tools/methods, such as silent installation (MSI) and XCOPY.

Voice Solutions Automation

We can automate your workflow from recording source to transcription, by pairing and configuring the right solutions. It all depends on how you prefer to work.

All of the major applications we support include some form of automation, which allows you to simplify your workflow down to a few key operations — like docking a device or pressing “send” in a mobile app. With automation, you could make a recording and have it delivered or downloaded automatically, run through speech recognition, routed appropriately, and ready for correction.

Through the development of custom commands, or with built-in command and control abilities, we can also help you operate your computer by voice and navigate your most-used programs. Using advanced scripting and custom macros, you can start up applications, open web pages, log in to portals, and more.

Solutions Architects

Given our expertise in market-leading voice applications, we can help you package and design a hardware and software solution that’s right for your office. For example, a designed solution can route files where you need them to go, speech-enable a particular platform, allow for custom hardware configuration, focus on document creation, or set up an automation workflow.

We’ll look at your current environment(s), review your goals and expectations, and work to address existing problems. We’ll also talk about what your options might be, and why you would want to consider any particular voice processing software, hardware, or platform. We can even make recommendations on workstations/servers and talk about the specifications you’ll need to meet the solution we’ve created for you. From there, we’ll develop an implementation plan, and proceed to roll it out when you need it.

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