Spotting Attorney Burnout, Stopping It, Recovering from It with Dragon® Legal


In the business world, inventory means money. In the law world, words mean money. However, all the legal matters attorneys must deal with have a downside: They risk getting burned out. And not only them, but paralegal burnout is also of grave concern. We are living in times of exacerbated stress levels–short- and long-term.

In this article, we will examine how to recognize this physical and emotional ailment and how you as a Value-Added Reseller can play a part in helping attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members avoid, even overcome, it—with voice commands. After all, time wasted is money wasted.

Why Do Lawyers Get Burned Out?

Burnout is not an actual disease or a medical condition, but rather the combined effects of several health indicators (or stressors) reaching a point where your client’s everyday life is wholly and adversely affected.

Here are some stressors to explain why lawyers are so overworked:

  • Heavy caseloads
  • Increased client demands
  • Criticism over the quality of work
  • Not enough time to decompress with family and friends
  • Long hours
  • Lack of sleep
  • A shrinking pool of colleagues and support staff
  • Demanding bosses

For the law firm, the problem is compounded whereas they no longer are competing only with other law firms that may offer a better work-life balance and thus, lure the attorney away. They are now competing with software companies, schools, consulting firms, conglomerates, and other professional business entities that need a legal expert—and are more than willing to pay better and offer better benefits that actively avoid chronic stress and job burnout.

How to Recognize Lawyer Burnout:

  • Lack of motivation to represent clients
  • Decreased satisfaction.
  • Decreased productivity.
  • Becoming cynical, irritable, and/or impatient with co-workers, staffers, or clients.
  • Tiredness and lack of focus.
  • Avoiding social interaction.
  • Unexplained headaches, stomach or bowel problems, or other physical complaints.

How Do Lawyers Overcome Burnout?

If your client is feeling stressed out, here are 8 actions they can take to alleviate the effects of stress and address the situation:

  • Seek Support: It can be something as easy as talking to their superiors to ease their case workload. Talk to coworkers, friends, or family members. Seek professional stress management help if needed.
  • Take Time Off: Take a vacation or simply stay home doing nothing except relaxing. Finish a long-forgotten list of home projects. Take naps. Watch TV. Go to the park and sit under a tree.
  • Get Some Exercise: Regular physical activity does wonders for dealing with stress. Walk, jog, ride a bicycle, go on a nature trail, or join a gym. In short, get moving.
  • Get Some Sleep: Sleep is the body’s way of restoring itself. It helps to protect one’s health.
  • Try a Hobby or Relaxing Activity: Many programs are geared toward reducing stress, such as yoga, tai chi, or meditation. Or take up gardening, do a jigsaw puzzle, or do any of the myriad activities that can help people relax.
  • Practice Mindfulness: This is the act of focusing on the flow of one’s breath and focusing on what they are feeling. Many apps teach this.
  • Evaluate Options: Perhaps finding another job or another career is an option. Or speak with a senior partner about taking a step back, reducing the caseload, or even taking a short leave of absence so your client can regroup and start fresh when they return. Keep an open mind and don’t let current frustrations dictate actions and feelings.
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How to Prevent Lawyer Burnout

How can Value-Added Resellers prevent lawyer burnout? Easy! Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere is a win-win for the attorneys, paralegals, and the law firm itself. It saves time and money and lessens workloads. By incorporating speech-to-text technology and relying less on transcriptions, the entire law firm’s workflows are lightened. The time saved goes a long way to decreasing the chances of burnout. Your clients will appreciate this.

But more importantly, by using Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere, your clients can increase their billable hours. By increasing efficiency—less time transcribing—legal professionals can boost their productivity—billable hours—and dedicate more time to their cases or tasks. Additionally, your client will not have to waste time waiting for transcriptions, which has a two-fold benefit: Less stress and more billable hours.
How to Prevent Lawyer Burnout

By incorporating speech-to-text technology and relying less on transcriptions, the entire law firm’s workflows are lightened…

7 Benefits of Using Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere

Freedom of Mobility & Budget Friendly

Enjoy Accurate Recognition of Legal Terms

No Limit on Productivity

Automate Repetitive Workflows & Improve Efficiency

Easy to Install, Maintain & Scale

Secure & Compliant

Save Money with Reduced Transcription Costs

Top Features of Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere

Specialized legal vocabulary

Fast, accurate, and highly customizable

256-bit Encrypted Data Powered by Microsoft Azure

Always the latest speech recognition engine

Leverage Nuance Deep Learning technology

Unlimited Access

Support for virtualized environments

Central user administration

Nuance® PowerMic Mobile App for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Top-tier technical support

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