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As the healthcare technology field advances, the need for effective documentation solutions only increases

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is a leading voice recognition software that empowers healthcare professionals to optimize their workflows and improve patient care. Our reseller partners have the opportunity to expand their customer base and increase their return on investment in the billion-dollar speech recognition software industry. By leveraging our advanced tools and strategies, we can enhance both user engagement and revenue growth for our partners and their valued customers.

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Seamless Trial Experiences: Offering Tailored ‘White Glove’ Trials & Instant ‘Live in 5’ Access.

We’ve created dedicated landing pages for Dragon® Medical One, hardware, support, training, and trial options, making it easy for our resellers to focus on their business and the needs of their customers. These pages include information capture forms and a prominent ‘Live in 5’ section, offering convenient links for customer presentations, partner promotions, and targeted marketing campaigns.

By offering tailored ‘White Glove’ trials, partners can cater to the specific needs of each customer, delivering a personalized experience. Simultaneously, the ‘Live in 5’ option caters to individuals seeking immediate access to explore Dragon® Medical One’s capabilities quickly.

Enhancing Digital Engagement: Embedded Videos, Product Promotions, and Dual-path Free Trials

To boost digital engagement, we’ve added embedded videos on landing pages, and demo videos that showcase the power of Dragon® Medical One. This visual representation can effectively capture the attention of potential customers and drive interest.

By creating landing pages for additional support and training, resellers can guide users in utilizing Dragon® Medical One effectively while opening additional revenue streams. The landing pages will also provide clients with two ways to access free trials, further maximizing customer engagement.

Optimizing User Experience: Proactive Communication and Resource Utilization for Successful Trials

We recognize the importance of proactive communication and resource utilization in optimizing user experience during trials. By using a multi-channel communication approach, including email, phone calls, and text messages. Trial users receive exceptional support throughout their trial period.

This approach encourages trial users to utilize the Dragon® Medical One Quick Reference Guide, which provides comprehensive information on using the software effectively. By establishing expertise and delivering immediate value, we aim to support our Value-Added Resellers (VARs) in fostering long-term relationships with customers while increasing both adoption and conversion rates.

Maximizing Customer Engagement: Tailored Email Campaigns and Personalized Touch Points

We also understand the significance of personalized and engaging email campaigns to maximize customer engagement. To improve the user experience, VARs can provide a seamless experience by sending customizable welcome kits to users after the initiation of a trial. These kits include the Dragon® Medical One Quick Reference Guide to assist first-time users.

Leveraging Webinars for Enhanced Engagement and Conversion: A Strategic Approach

Webinars provide a valuable platform for VARs to engage with potential customers and increase conversion rates. By strategically hosting Dragon® Medical One webinars after launch or outreach campaigns, it is easier than ever to target new customers and reconnect with trial users who haven’t upgraded. These webinars highlight the major benefits of Dragon® Medical One, provide best practices for immediate efficiency, and offer additional training and support for a comprehensive user experience.

Strategizing for Success: Comprehensive Guidance for Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Providing support and guidance for sales and marketing efforts is just one way we add value to our partnerships. We’re also proud to help with prospecting, marketing strategy development, webinar coordination, and outreach planning at no cost to our resellers through the eDist Marketing Portal. Healthcare technology professionals can leverage a vast, ever-growing library of resources to optimize their approach, maximize impact, and promote the adoption of Dragon® Medical One. Additional resources, including the webinar “Driving Dragon® Medical One Adoption,” are available on the eDist Marketing Portal. Become A Reseller »

Custom-Tailored ‘White Glove’ Dragon Medical One Trials and Instant ‘Live in 5’ Access

With the introduction of Nuance® Dragon® Medical One tools and tactics, we are revolutionizing trial experiences, enhancing user engagement, and driving revenue growth. By offering tailored ‘White Glove’ trials and instant ‘Live in 5’ access, we ensure accessibility and flexibility for potential customers. Proactive communication, resource utilization, and personalized touch points optimize user experiences, leading to increased conversion rates.

Leveraging webinars and comprehensive sales and marketing guidance further strengthen customer engagement and promotes the adoption of Dragon® Medical One. Our commitment to providing innovative solutions and exceptional support is integral to our position as a trusted partner in the healthcare technology landscape.