Dictation Products, Speech-to-Text Software Lead to Saving Time and Money


Numbers Do Not Lie

American industrialist and author Harvey Mackay once said, “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

We all want to save time to spend it doing the things we enjoy. That is more relevant at work. No one likes to work overtime or on their days off. In this article, we will show you how to give your clients that time back… and help them save money along the way. According to Typing Pal, a website dedicated to teaching typing to people of all ages, the average person types 40 words per minute. And, according to the US Office of Personnel Management, the average speed of dictation is up to 120 words per minute. Do the math: According to these 2 facts, dictating is 3 times faster than typing.

…by using speech-to-text software, they would save 13.5 hours a week, 54 hours a month, and 648 hours a year–that equals 27 days; almost a whole month!

Therefore, logically and statistically, if your client spends one hour typing, the same job could be done by dictating in 20 minutes–saving 40 minutes, or 67%.

Using really conservative numbers, let’s say your client (a lawyer, doctor, or journalist) spends 20 hours a week typing (including, alas, weekends and nights). By using speech-to-text software, they would save 13.5 hours a week, 54 hours a month, and 648 hours a year–that equals 27 days; almost a whole month!

Your clients will also be marveled by the research done by Philips (who has been in business since 1891… so they know a thing or two), showing that speech is actually 7 times faster than typing.

So, taking our conservatively low numbers, we now have that if your clients spend one hour typing, they could do the same job by talking in 9 minutes or a saving of 51 minutes–85%. Ergo, our new numbers if you type 20 hours a week are savings of 17 hours a week, 68 hours a month, and 816 hours a year or 34 days–one week more as compared to our other numbers.

However, 20 hours a week is a low number for a lawyer, doctor, or journalist. Their transcriptionists, on the other hand, type a heck of a lot more.

Average salary of a transcriptionist:


per hour

Average monthly salary at 40 hours a week:


per month

Average time saved by using speech recognition software:


hours per week

Average salary based on 6 hours of work a week:


per month

Average monthly savings:


per month

Average annual savings:


per year

According to employment website Indeed.com, the national average salary for a transcriptionist (as of June 2022) is $18.85 an hour. If your clients pay a transcriptionist for 20 hours’ worth of work, they’d spend $377/wk. or $1,508/mo.

But with speech-to-text technology that number would go down to $56.55/wk. or $226.20/mo.–a savings of $1,281.80 a month. Yet, 20 hours is a low number, reality is much, much higher.

Your client, the attorney, for example, uses a full-time transcriptionist; 40 hours at $18.85 an hour (or $754 a week/ $3,016 a month). But we have shown how with speech recognition one can do the same job in 6 hours ($113.10/wk. or $452.40/mo.). So, your client went from employing a transcriptionist 5 days a week to just 1 day a week for savings of $2,563.60 a month per transcriptionist. That translates to $30,763.20 a year.

It’s So Easy to Save Time and Make Money

As the world’s #1 wholesale distributor of voice processing solutions, state-of-the-art technical support, logistics, and next-level marketing services—and North America’s leading speech recognition software Value-Added Distributor (VAD) for Nuance®, Olympus®, and Philips® dictation products and speech-recognition solutions, eDist is your conduit to increasing your ROI with recurring revenue. As a Value-Added-Reseller, your clients will have access to the best speech-to-text programs.

Our dictation software and products will lead your clients to save time and money, which, in turn, makes you money. Your clients will love that our software lives in the cloud for their convenience and speed (and yours too). Another way the cloud saves your clients time and money is the fact that they do not need in-house servers. Lastly, your clients will appreciate that our state-of-the-art dictation products can be paired with existing forms and templates, or they can create their own.

From the latest in microphones to voice-command software for your client’s PC, eDist has a slew of dictation products and speech-recognition software that are geared toward one objective: To make life easier for your clients—giving them more free time and putting more money back into their wallet.

How? Through artificial intelligence. Your client may or may not know that speech recognition uses deep learning neural networks and natural language processing to understand, analyze and define the language according to established and programmed algorithms, but they will know it is a time (and money) saver.

What are the Benefits of Speech Recognition Technology?

  • Spend less money on transcriptionists.
  • Spend less time working overtime or on weekends.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.
  • Spend more time with patients, clients, and customers.
  • Increase billable hours.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • More streamlined workflow for their entire team.
  • 99% recognition accuracy.
  • More recurring revenue for Value-Added Resellers.

Who Can Use Speech-Recognition Software and Hardware?

Well, the short answer is anyone! But let’s take a look at 5 areas:

Doctors, Clinicians, and Other Healthcare Workers

Our products interact with all Electronic Medical Records (EMR) templates. Clinicians no longer need to use up valuable time manually updating records. Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, for example, not only recognizes even the most technical medical term but it can be taught words that it does not recognize.

Attorneys, Paralegals, and Law Firm Staffers

Attorneys must dictate a lot, plus they need to use specific jargon and cite cases. Our programs take this into consideration, and they recognize and format these citations. However, it goes beyond just dictating legal matters, our programs can be used to create and send emails, memos, etc. eDist’s dictation solutions help to manage your clients’ workload, lower their administrative costs, and increase their efficiency and profits.

Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies

Gone are the days of a law enforcement officer or detective relying on a notebook to jot down vital data at a crime or accident scene. No longer will they have to also rely on their memory when they arrive at the station to write down their report.

Now, all it takes is a voice recorder and a speech-to-text program to pair with their Records Management System (RMS)… and they are done! Nuance® Dragon® Law Enforcement is compatible with most, if not all, RMSs. They can interview witnesses on the spot and not miss a single word. Oh, just one more thing… these recordings are admissible in court.

Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, and All Businesspeople

In a recent survey by Plum Consulting and Sage, business owners stated they lost an average of 71 days a year on administrative duties. Not all those duties can be substituted with speech recognition but imagine the amount of time your clients will save if they could dictate and automate emails, memos, complete an order form, etc. Nuance® Dragon® Anywhere will give your clients more time, so business owners can dedicate it to growing their businesses.

Writers, Journalists, and Other Professionals

Articles, blogs, emails, reports, lists, and forms—what do they have in common? They can all be “written” just using the power of your clients’ voices. Your clients will appreciate Nuance® Dragon® Professional Individual’s next-generation Deep Learning technology, Dragon® adapts to their voice and environmental variations. Your clients will be able to create documents and reports quickly and accurately and zip through computer tasks in record time—all by voice.

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