How Speech Recognition Increases Productivity


In business, you cannot define productivity by how much gets done, but, rather, by the value inherent in what was done, i.e., quality over quantity. In the same line of thought, to get the best results, employees need to be equipped with the appropriate (and latest) tools. Would you hire a CFO who uses an abacus? Or a writer who uses a quill?

As a Value-Added Reseller of products designed to maximize workflows, streamline operations, and save time and money, you are uniquely positioned to offer your clients the best tools to increase productivity: speech-to-text software and hardware.

Although this subject applies to almost any vertical, this article will focus on your legal, government, and social services clients.

Would you hire a CFO who uses an abacus? Or a writer who uses a quill?

Ditch the relics

You have seen it… lawyers using a legal pad or a social worker still using a microcassette recorder. Professionals who need to take copious amounts of notes benefit the most from your Nuance® catalog of products. It is a fact that speaking is faster than writing (or typing). Studies show that it can be 3x faster.

Breaking it down by the numbers:

  • According to the employment site, the average base salary for a legal transcriptionist is almost $47,000 a year.
  • According to the freelance platform, it takes up to 4 hours to transcribe an hour’s worth of audio.
  • Government information became so big and costly that in 1995, the federal government enacted the Paperwork Reduction Act seeking to establish an efficient, effective, and economical manner for agencies to handle information.

The preceding three examples show how your legal, social worker, and government clients, respectively, will save lots of time and money, become more efficient, and streamline their operations simply by putting the power of their voices to work.

Tools of the Trade

There are plenty of arrows in your quiver, but these products take center stage when it comes to the verticals discussed in this article:

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Benefits of Speech Recognition for Law Firms

  • Specialized legal vocabulary: Trained using millions of words from legal documents to deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms. The software program also enables the automatic formatting of legal citations.
  • Always available: Nuance® Dragon® Legal is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, with personalized vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the broadest range of devices in the industry.
  • Secure and compliant: Nuance® Dragon® Legal employs secure encryption throughout the workflow. Our cloud-based services feature 99.5% uptime and run on geographically dispersed, active-active, data centers hosted on Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF-certified hosting infrastructure.
  • Budget-friendly: Affordable subscription-based pricing with little upfront capital investment makes it easier for law offices to plan budgets with predictable expenses.

Benefits of Speech Recognition for Social Workers

  • Improve the quality of case notes: With Nuance® speech-recognition products, social workers can automatically transcribe their notes and have their reports ready in minutes.
  • Reduce transcription services and turnaround time: It has been estimated that it takes up to 4 hours to transcribe an hour’s worth of audio. With speech-to-text technology, the agency does not have to rely on costly transcription services. And the social worker does not have to wait until the transcription is finished.
  • Improve overall client care: By dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete a report, the social worker can dedicate more time to the family.
  • Decrease burnout among social workers: Social workers write a lot of notes, then make the reports, and oftentimes, time is critical when it comes to the welfare of a child. With speech-to-text technology, this issue is a thing of the past.

Benefits of Speech Recognition for Government Agencies

  • Increased Savings: With speech-to-text documentation, government agencies do not have to rely on third-party transcriptionists or pay the staff overtime to finish typing records. Additionally, since it’s all digital, there are substantial savings on printer paper and ink.
  • Mobility: The speech-recognition software is compatible with iOS and Android devices—phones, tablets, etc.—allowing users to access data anytime from anywhere via the Nuance® Dragon® PowerMic Mobile App.
  • Interagency collaboration: Documents can be sent—securely and encrypted—between agencies, whether it’s at the municipal, state, or federal level. And it can all be done with voice commands.
  • Streamlined workflow: Thanks to Nuance’s AI technology, productivity is increased, the staff’s workflow is enhanced, there’s less burnout, and less work-related stress (including carpal tunnel syndrome), and costs are kept under control.

Benefits of partnering with eDist

As the premier and exclusive Value-Added Distributors of Nuance® Dragon® products in the United States and Canada, our goal is to provide our partners with the support, tools, and guidance toward their success as Value-Added Resellers. We revolutionized the reselling industry, and we offer you our expertise for the best experience possible in cloud-based, speech recognition solutions for your clients in legal, social work, government, and all the verticals you represent.

In addition to this, eDist offers:

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