Introducing DAX™ Copilot: A new approach to today’s healthcare challenges


Transforming healthcare by automating medical documentation.

DAX™ Copilot frees clinicians of time-consuming yet necessary administrative tasks. DAX™ Copilot delivers tangible benefits to healthcare organizations of all sizes.

DAX™ Copilot is the newest addition to the Nuance® Dragon® platform, it is an AI-powered voice-enabled solution that records the patient-clinician encounter conversation via the PowerMic® mobile app, automatically converts the conversation into medical documentation, and delivers fully automated AI notes.

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How it works:

DAX™ Copilot uses the same app that is used for Dragon® Medical One, the PowerMic® mobile app. Users click the special DAX™ Copilot button and are brought to the DAX™ Copilot main page to start their new patient encounter or view previous recordings.

DAX™ Copilot almost instantly displays the clinical documentation and transcript in both the app and the Dragon® Medical One desktop application. This enables clinicians easy access to edit their documents on their phones or computers. Clinicians then transfer all the documentation data to the EHR of their choosing.


Automated Draft Notes:

DAX™ Copilot automatically creates draft clinical notes in seconds after patient visits, whether in-person or via telehealth. No more time wasted on paperwork!


Seamless Integration:

Integrated into the electronic medical record, from pre-visit to post-encounter, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


Reduced Burnout:

Clinicians reported up to 70% reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue with our solutions.


Improved Patient Care:

By minimizing administrative tasks, DAX™ Copilot allows more time for personalized patient interactions.



Rest assured, your data security and privacy are top priorities.



66% of clinicians spend less time on the computer in the exam room.


An 83% lower cognitive burden results in more focused and efficient work.


A staggering 92% report a significantly improved experience when documenting care.

Why DAX Copilot?

  • Proven Expertise: Backed by decades of experience, Nuance® is a trusted leader in healthcare solutions.
  • Trained on clinical data: With over 1 billion minutes of medical dictation and 10 million unique ambient encounters annually, DAX™ Copilot is trained on real clinical data.
  • Optimized & Trusted AI: Nuances AI approach combines multiple models to optimize speed and accuracy. The data is safeguarded in one place to safeguard against any misuse of large language models.

In conclusion, DAX™ Copilot represents a pivotal shift in healthcare documentation. By harnessing the power of AI and automation, healthcare providers can optimize their workflows, enhance accuracy, and, most importantly, prioritize patient care. With DAX™ Copilot, the future of healthcare documentation is brighter, more efficient, and more patient-centric than ever before.

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