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Provide top-of-the-line speech recognition performance for clinicians.

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Why Offer Dragon® Medical Speech Recognition?

Documentation varies from patient to patient, physician to physician, EHR to EHR, by type, length and content requirements -- but the pressure to create timely, accurate and compliant clinical documentation in the EHR never wavers.

Clinicians need to be able to quickly and easily capture the complete patient story. Nuance® Dragon® Medical solutions accurately translate the doctor's voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EHR. Improve documentation, boost efficiency, increase physician satisfaction, and eliminate transcription costs.

Now is the time for your customers to upgrade to the cutting edge speech recognition with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4. Nuance has optimized Dragon® Medical for various healthcare organization's specific workflow and user needs, giving your clients the ability to choose the solution(s) that best fit their workflows, IT infrastructure requirements, and organization's business goals with on-premise Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 and the cloud-based Dragon Medical One.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition / Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical Practice Edition End-user Benefits:

  • More accurate than ever: Powered by a next generation speech engine, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 achieves 99% accuracy out-of-the-box without training - significantly outperforming previous versions.
  • Advanced Deep Learning Technology: Through constant learning and adaptation to unique voice and environmental variations-even during dictation - continuously improves performance.
  • Superior Transcription: An enhanced transcription process leverages all the accuracy improvements gained from the state-of-the-art engine, while reducing the number of steps required to transcribe audio recordings.
  • Optimized for Portable Touchscreens: Touch and keyboard interactions work seamlessly on highly mobile Windows 10 tablets or tablet mode devices. Open and interact with the DragonBar by touch.
  • Newly Designed DragonBar: Designed for enhanced usability, the new DragonBar provides easy access to popular features. To free screen space, drag the DragonBar to different locations. When not in use, the DragonBar automatically collapses.

Take medical speech recognition to the cloud with Dragon® Medical One

Dragon Medical One Reseller Benefits:


Earn Recurring Revenue

With a subscription-based SaaS model, Dragon Medical One resellers have the potential to earn unlimited recurring revenue.


Easy Online Administration

Easily manage all of your Dragon Medical One installations through an online administration portal, the Nuance Management Center.


‘One Click’

Installation of Dragon Medical One only takes a few minutes on most PCs and requires very little resources since the application is cloud-based.

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