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In “Stairway to Heaven,” Led Zeppelin sang “There’s a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure ’cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.” Never with eDist’s speech-to-text solutions where words always have one meaning: The ones your clients want.

We offer artificial intelligence speech recognition technology that uses deep learning neural networks and natural language processing to understand, analyze and define the language according to established and programmed algorithms.

This technology can—in an instant—detect the difference between “there, their and they’re” by the context of the sentence. It can understand and process complex medical terms, such as “anterior cingulate cortex.” If by chance, the software does not understand a term or phrase, it can be taught to the program by adding it to its dictionary.

Now that your client has the platform, what comes next? How can the end-users maximize their experience? Your clients will be delighted with the ease of access to it all when using the latest speech recognition software and products. Pairing existing software to complementary hardware and to your clients’ own mobile devices just requires an internet connection and two easy steps: download the app and configure the app. Simple, isn’t it?

Philips SpeechLive

Empower Your Team with Philips® Speech Recognition Software

Let’s use a legal scenario to illustrate this point. A business law firm with four offices in New York and New Jersey and 56 practicing attorneys saw itself lagging in terms of efficiency and productivity. Their staff members were using “antiquated” analog tape recorders. The solution was quite easy: the Philips Voice Recorder app and Philips SpeechExec Enterprise dictation and transcription management platform.

Their staff members paired their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops with the software, and this gave them the flexibility of working anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, by relying on cloud technology—and not on physical outdated audio and video recordings—the firm’s legal matters and workflow became seamlessly digital and accessible instantly. In the end, the real winner was the firm’s clients as they enjoyed the benefits of faster document turnaround and an increase in productivity.

Philips SpeechLive

“Switching to the Philips technology just made sense. Not only did we get rid of our old tapes and recorders, but our attorneys and assistants could work more efficiently no matter where they were,” said the firm’s IT manager.

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Industry Solutions with Olympus® Dictation

Imagine your client, an entrepreneur, complains of wasting precious time writing emails, PowerPoint presentations, reports, and forms. Then, you tell your client that you have a solution that is seven times faster than typing. “I have the perfect partner for Microsoft 365!” you say. Then you show your client the Olympus RecMic II RM-4010P and Olympus’ mobile dictation app. The Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) will seamlessly integrate with transcription software, including Nuance® Dragon®.


With Olympus dictation equipment, your client will see how emails can be “written,” formatted, and sent with the use of voice commands. Microsoft Outlook, Teams, PowerPoint, and Word are mere playgrounds for Olympus speech recognition software and hardware. Your clients can use the Olympus RecMic II while at the office, or pair it with their smartphone and continue working from anywhere at any time, thanks to Olympus cloud solutions.

The RecMic II RM-4010P, with its dual microphone technology, noise, and triple-layer pop filters, allows your clients to achieve professional-quality recordings—including in noisy environments. The RecMic II is the perfect partner for all Microsoft 365 products that allow for dictation, transcription, or the use of audio for such things as online meetings or recording.

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Intelligent Solutions with Nuance® Software

What happens when a Midwest healthcare system wants to increase provider efficiency, convenience, and mobility when creating documentation? They turn to Nuance® Dragon® Medical One for their medical solutions, of course.

The non-profit healthcare system in question is comprised of 12 hospitals, 65 off-campus clinics, 52 rehabilitation locations, and 23 hospital-based clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They turned to Dragon® Medical One, PowerMic Mobile, Dragon Medical embedded in Epic Haiku and Canto, and Nuance Transcription Services to solve their problem.

Philips SpeechLive

Their VAR showed these healthcare clients how to use Dragon speech recognition software and helped them achieve 80% speech recognition adoption in their first year, which generated 70% of total voice-driven documentation. That was a 167% increase in documentation captured as providers shifted away from point-and-type and legacy solutions. It enhanced their Electronic Health Record (EHR) experience through the use of nearly 100,000 voice commands a month to capture patient stories more efficiently.

You can do the same for your healthcare clients and more! You can show your clients how to combine Dragon Medical One with Nuance complementary hardware—such as the PowerMic IV… and more—and with their own devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops). With Dragon’s cloud solutions, any authorized person can access these files from anywhere; for example, if a patient needs to see a specialist in another area of the hospital or off-campus altogether, their EHR “goes” with them.

“Not only do I use Dragon Medical One to document patient visits, I use it daily with other applications—creating presentation slides, emails, word documents, and spreadsheets. The accuracy and speed of the speech recognition helps me work more efficiently,” said a staff member at the healthcare system.

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The Stairway to the Cloud

Become a Value-Added Reseller with eDist and take advantage of cloud-based speech-to-text software products. At eDist, we can help you grow your business, realize recurring revenue, and open new markets.

eDist has proven sales and marketing strategies and can provide added bonuses like technical support, a marketing portal, high-level product knowledge and updates, training, and certifications.

The stairway does not go to heaven, it goes to eDist, cloud solutions for your clients, and an increased ROI for you.

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