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eDist is constantly seeking out ways to help Dealers stay ahead of the technology curve, which means adding vendors and services that help them provide their customers with the most innovative products available. Vendors are turning to cloud-based applications because they also realize the revenue potential that results in offering their customers a secure, reliable, easily accessible way to manage their needs.

Cloud-based products and services are at the forefront of technology today and eDist wants to provide you with the technical expertise, training and certification opportunities, and customer support packages to help your business soar.

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The Cloud is the future of software and sky-high profits for resellers of speech-recognition solutions, like Olympus and Philips. The Cloud makes it easy for users to access their information from anywhere, anytime, and from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. With no in-house server to deal with and instant access to the latest upgrades and updates, your customers will love Cloud-based software over traditional software options. For a monthly fee, your customers can easily store and access tremendous amounts of data that is stored safely and securely.

eDist Business offers our resellers leading products in the cloud, Philips SpeechLive, SpeechExec Mobile and technical services and support with Certified eSupport.

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Cloud Solutions - eDist