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Voice processing technology is in high demand by professionals who work in industries from the medical field to the courtroom.

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Philips is poised to meet that demand by offering voice processing solutions to fit any business need. These professionals demand technology that is both effective and saves time.

Philips' dictation technology is virtually error free, allowing busy professionals to quickly and accurately dictate their notes and documents. Advances in compatibility with speech recognition software allow users to remain mobile, without the need to spend hours transcribing and typing their dictated notes.

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Philips Healthcare

Philips for Healthcare

Philips offers a professional tailor-made solution for healthcare professionals.

Medical professionals need a dictate recorder that is durable and easy to use throughout the office. The SpeechMike Premium Air is the ideal solution with its antimicrobial surface, ergonomic shape, and wireless capabilities.

Philips for Law Enforcement

Philips for Law Enforcement

Productivity and efficiency are paramount to law enforcement officers.

The Philips PocketMemo or the Philips SpeechAir allows recordings to be sent instantly and get transcribed by an assistant or speech recognition software such as Nuance® Dragon® Law Enforcement.

Philips for Legal

Philips for Legal

Legal professionals often have to handle large amounts of correspondence and documentation daily.

The Philips PocketMemo and the Philips SpeechAir offer the perfect solution for legal professionals in small, mid-sized, or large law firms, corporate legal departments, or courts. Philips dictation solutions support them managing their work load and increase their efficiency and profits.

Philips for Business

Philips for Business

From front office employees, all the way to middle and back office, Philips dictation devices, such as the SpeechMike Premium, along with workflow software help professionals become more efficient. Philips offers the highest possible file protection for increased security.

eDist Voice Solutions has the solutions and expertise needed to succeed in professional dictation.

The marketing and technical support specialists, combined with nationwide distribution and order entry and shipping automation, make doing business efficient and profitable for eDist dealers.

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