Grow Business, Not Expenses

Automation equals efficiency. In this dynamic world we must be efficient to be competitive and keep up with the increasingly fast pace of transactions through evolving commerce solutions. eDist has technical teams dedicated to the growth and development of Web Services that enable automation.

Our systems enable our Clients to automate purchasing, invoicing, inventory inquiry, and more. We can help you grow your business without growing your expenses. Let us help you make you business run more smoothly by automating your workflow, plus reduce human error, without increasing headcount.

EDI is the old school way of transacting business and it takes some setup time but but it is a reliable solution we offer. However, eDist Simplicity is a more modern XML platform that utilizes API technology to connect systems in the modern world. We can also ingest orders via email that are sent in a consistent text based manner. With Simplicity we are currently connecting with many key trading partners and would love to do so with you.

Automation and Web Services - eDist

Emailing invoices is easy and so is paying online with eDist Easy Pay. We can send you the invoice in an email form that can upload to many systems such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage, Netsuite and more. You can also review and pay your bills online.

Our most innovative platform, eDist License Management (ELM), now empowers Resellers to sell Cloud subscription solutions with ease. ELM automates the recurring charges and is an end to end solution for selling products on the Cloud. ELM opens an entirely new market for both our Reseller and Manufacturer Partners as we further develop our Cloud Mall that will enable our Partners to Participate on many levels with as many Vendors as they want.

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